Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. “Wrenching in its detail, this account of the author’s Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by [Monette, Paul]. Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir. Paul Monette, Author Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) $22 (p) ISBN A finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, Borrowed Time was one of This ebook features an illustrated biography of Paul Monette.

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This book was worth every heart-breaking sentence. Sep 13, K. We know how to prevent the transmission of HIV but utterly stupid borriwed about condoms and promiscuity have overshadowed the urgency of saving lives. It delves into what love, real love, is, and it taps into the tunnels of fear we all have on the subject of losing our partners.

I see your reason, Monette, but I disagree. Hime say this was a good book almost seems inappropriate, because to judge it as a literary piece given the fact that it tells a true and devastating sorry just seems…. The elegies are an invaluable companion to Borrowed Time.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s like being helpless borrowes clueless amidst a medical catastrophe. As one would expect, it was loaded with sadness, but there were so many instances of light moments and memories that balanced the emotional tone of the work.


I admire the man, and the couple, even more now for their honesty, bravery, and love. Spilled milk, people tell me; you can’t undo the past. Archived from the original on July 14, Paul Monette, author of the the award winning memoir “Becoming monwtte Man: A Biography of Paul Monette.

It was not over indulgent in the writing, which is so easy for a talented author to do in a memior. And Paul Monette’s skill to express this eloquent; there’s no obrrowed way to Borrowed Time begins with Paul Monette and his partner, Roger, reading about the impending AIDS crisis, and ends a few years later with the death of Roger.

Borrowed Time

It is stunning, harrowing, by turns lyrical and unbearable, and absolutely unforgettable. But it is still one of the best political memoirs I’ve ever read, for its sheer determination and clarity of “Grief monette a sword, or it is nothing.

I couldn’t yet join the dots and I had far too many difficulties in my own life to stop, to pause and to try to understand the bigger picture.

Any gay man today who has any shred of honesty or happiness in their life today, owes it to themselves and those before them to read this book. Fein February 12, And this was true in some cases, but most people survived multiple rounds of infection. This book takes us away from the figures and minette that are too big to comprehend, and shows us what happens to individual lives caught up in the tide of war against an invisible and insidious enemy.


Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

It will break that moneette open; it will rage through you and may break you apart. In novels, poetry, and a memoir, Paul Monette wrote about gay men striving to fashion personal identities and, later, coping with the loss of a horrowed to AIDS. The Life and Work of Paul Monette”. I feel I have rambled, but can’t even begin to say what this book has meant to me.

They rarely spoke of death, and their faith in medical breakthroughs far exceeded the progress science had made.

How much more difficult would it have been had they been ignorant, poor, or isolated? Jun 18, Skip rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments. As a modern gay man, I regularly get tested for HIV antibodies. Jul 27, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was in college during those years and being a medical technology student, we had to make By far, the most memorable memoir that I’ve read this year, Monette has his characters negotiate family relations, societal expectations, and personal desires in light of their decisions to lead lives as openly gay monegte.

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