Just as Boy Nobody changes identities with each mission, the series is changing identities as well. It will now be called THE UNKNOWN ASSASSIN in the U.S. Zadoff (Since You Left Me) switches gears and shines in this violent, entertaining twist on the teen spy novel. His unnamed year-old. HorseLover ‘Reading Boy Nobody made me think that I should probably try reading something a little different to my usual favourites from.

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This story operates at a breakneck pace and from the start of the story absolutely refuses to let go of the accelerator pedal. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Pulse-pounding, heart-throbbing, unpredictable and intense. Just long enough for someone in his new friend’s family to die-of “natural causes.

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

The Unknown Assassin 3 books. I honestly expected to be glued to this book. I loved how the author made this premise so believable and of course to back it up provided a reasonable explanation as to how the main character goes about trying to accomplish his mission.

However it never seems over the top or even corny in any manner. Dec 25, Kassiah rated it it was amazing Shelves: For me an okay read…for someone else it could be just what they desire… Book Title: The school environment takes place in an exclusive New York private school, zadofv it is well-done.

So with so many superlatives about this book, are there any drawbacks to this book? noboey

Because somewhere deep inside, Boy Nobody is somebody: I was so, so wrong. I like characters that evolve not necessarily the main character, or not only and I like to get to the last page in a book and feel the sudden need to read the next book I can’t really tell you what happens in this book without giving it away. I Am The Weapon Author: His adult memoir, Hungry, was published in View all 5 comments.


He has experience of the Fortune circles and we know he is an experienced assassin by the fact that he knows he needs 15 seconds in total — 6 to lay his victim down, 5 to put away his innocuous equipment and 4 to let the chemical reaction to run its course. Apr 11, haley rated it liked it Shelves: The protagonist has learned the mentality of “carry out the mission, no matter the consequences,” and this makes him somewhat hard to love and nearly impossible to hate.

He begins to question everything. But I figured I could choke down a book about an assassin. I didn’t simply stumble upon it by circumstance, but because a great friend who does break the mold a little chose to gush. Quotes from The Hit.

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff – review

You learn how to save your life. There were some weak points, like the flashbacks and one particular plot hole about his past that never got entirely resolved. You’ll think you know, but honestly? Imprint Orchard Books Zqdoff Books. But that was a long time ago. Has he found the conscience that has been trained out of him?

Boy Nobody

Based on the foundation set here, the series promises to be magnetic for all ages. Jack is supposed to be my friend. I didn’t like the subplot outside of the mission, it was a little too close to a few recent episodes of NCIS for my liking. No matter what happens to you, no matter the circumstances, no matter what life tosses at you – the losses, the pain.

Now, everything isn’t as simple as it appears at first, so you may be pleasantly surprised, as I was. All the characters are believable and carry you along on the journey.


But I did absolutely adore the writing style. I first found out about this book under the name “Boy Nobody” I also love the cover for that edition, but that is beside the point herethe fact is. Because they’re troublesome and so emotional and so difficult to please yada yada yada. In fact, I found the complete opposite. Because, trust me, it was fan-freaking-tastic! However, overall this was a very fast-paced, action-filled book with believable, complex teenage characters despite the plot which, to my dubious self, initially sounds like a deadlier version of The Mysterious Benedict Society.

He is the new kid in school, the one few notice and nobody thinks much about.

Boy Nobody: The Traitor: Book 3 by Allen Zadoff – Books – Hachette Australia

I wanted that intensity and that deep rooted connection, and for a while I didn’t get that sensation I had feelings once. Booy in the voice of this young assassin I Am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff is a dark and gritty tale of a young man who questions his existence, and his place in the world bobody he tastes the delicate flavor of emotions long dead. The author did an amazing job at creating the male lead.

Teens as undercover highly trained weapons?! Boy Nobody is given five days to complete the next assignment But in his search for the truth about the Program, he is forced to put his trust in another.

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