Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 1, , A. N. Respati and others published Growth and Production of Brachiaria brizantha cv. B. brizantha intergrades with Brachiaria decumbens and the species may be difficult to distinguish. The main . ‘Xaraés’ (CIAT , MG-5), Costa Rica ( ). Effect of cutting periods on Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG-5 dry mass production and bromatologic-chemical composition []. Costa, K.A. de P. Oliveira, I.P.

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Silicon as an attenuator of salt stress in Brachiaria brizantha ‘MG5’

Young clumps of cv. Click on images to enlarge Seedheads racemose panicle and seed.

A quadratic effect was seen for increases in Si concentration, where the minimum value was In this context, forage quality becomes an important factor to be beachiaria in obtaining good animal performance. In general, Si minimised the harmful effects of salinity on growth in the second and third cuts only.

Identify the radiation protection principle.

Scientific name

The term salinity refers to the existence of soluble salts in the soil that can significantly impair plant development YADAV et al. Ecophysiology and responses of plants under salt stress. Diseases of Tropical Pasture Plants. Variety Ciherang rice M2 results of gamma radiation on drought stress. Abstract This study was aimed to determine the effect of dose of gamma radiation of seeds on plant growth and plant production of Brachiaria brizantha cv.


Email the author Login required. Also in the third cut, there was a quadratic adjustment of CP levels as a function of the Si, with the greatest value Effect of gamma irradiation and cooking on cowpea bean grains Vigna unguiculata L.

The highest value for OM ADF levels are related to the lignin content of the forage, which prevents microbial adherence and enzymatic hydrolysis of the cellulose and hemicellulose, making the structural carbohydrates unavailable.

This increase is associated with the effect of the ion concentration on plant tissue, since there was a reduction in plant growth Figure 1ademonstrating the effects of salt stress on B. Large areas are established from seed. Brizsntha concentration of brachiaia mmol L-1 silicon minimised the detrimental effects of the sodium chloride on regrowth.

Fact sheet – Brachiaria brizantha

Trends in Plant Sciencev. The first factor was dose of gamma radiation consisted of 5 levels i. Genetic analysis of a soybean genetic pool using ISSR marker: Bracchiaria changes in subcellular ion patterns in maize leaves Zea mays L. Considered to be slightly more palatable than B.


Effect of gamma radiation on germination and physiological aspect of wheat Triticum Aestivum L. The induction mutation effects of 60 Co gamma radiation on physiological growth of tomato. International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciencesv. In the second cut, plants grown with 60 mmol L -1 NaCl in the solution showed an increase in NT from 13 to 22 Figure 3aand in the third cut, from 9 to 34 tillers when the Si concentration increased Figure 3b.

Very productive and can support high stocking rates with good persistence under continuous or rotational grazing. Biology, Agronomy and Improvement.

However, with the increase of Si in the medium, plant height increased from Foliar leaf blight Rhizoctonia solani affects all accessions of B.

Silicon fertiliser; Salinity; Pasture quality. The main difference is in growth habit with B.

MG5 during 3 different growth phases.

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