Remaining quiet about yourself or, worse, downplaying your successes leads to being underappreciated, or even allowing others to take credit. BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It. Peggy Klaus, Author . Warner $ (p) ISBN In her book, Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It she argues that in today’s fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of business.

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Effective bragging starts with you — and your skill in communicating what makes you interesting in the eyes of those you seek to impress. Even if you’re an ace at keeping tokting boss up to speed, remember, he or she might be gone tomorrow. Second, Bill’s tight-lipped “sales are the only thing that matters” mentality is shortsighted.

She decided that she was willing to take the risk of stepping into the spotlight to present a fuller, more authentic version of herself. In fact, the best performers are often an introvert and as Malcolm Gladwell repeatedly remind us, performance and introversion could go along really well.

Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

Talk about the spotlight. But look at this man’s reaction. I might have been a recruiter who could come in handy one day when he’d gotten axed or one who was currently placing a specialist thr the hottest new company in Silicon Valley. Performance review criticisms need to be counter-balanced with reminders of your accomplishments. By this point, I hope you get why Brag!: Get Your Free Audiobook Brag! Paperbackpages.

Karen, forty-two, a division head for a major global food corporation, is a good example. Getting that balance right is tricky, and this book contributes plenty tokting ideas about how to achieve it. The anecdotes provided are always of the form: For example, she suggests that you develop a range of ‘brag bites’. I would have liked more examples for people at lower corporate levels or even just entering the workplace.


She was happy and confident. To see what your friends thought of this youur, please sign up. I wasn’t asking him to reveal the location of the Holy Grail.

Brag: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It : Peggy Klaus :

A lot of them had great ideas. Fabulous book to help one promote onself There were a lot of concrete ideas in this book that can allow a person to hirn one “idea” at a time and practice in the everyday life. Instead, as children we blurt out, “My daddy has lots of money,” “I’m better than you because. I found this book enjoyable and easy to read.

Recently, while conducting a workshop at a major Wall Street investment bank, I asked a group of young men and women to update me on any successes they had experienced since we’d last met when we worked on crafting more compelling sales pitches. Maybe he was tired, or reluctant to start tooting his own horn on an airplane, afraid that he might divulge sensitive information to prying ears, possibly a competitor’s.

But they will be memorable and will help someone quickly understand more about you and your abilities. A lot of it won’t get noticed. They know that positive regard from others isn’t going to “just happen” on job interviews, at performance rat, during presentations, or at networking functions.

I would advise anyone to at least skim through the book and take a look at the Take 12 inventory.

I went to the author’s workshop and she did this great exercise. I think I would be perfect for a job in hotn, and since you are involved in that, I wanted to speak with you. I read this book as a way to work on my marketing and self-promotion tactics.


I was just about to ask another question when toohing inside me snapped. If she believed she was the expert and worthy of recognition, so would they.

Great Book, Started seeing some benefits immediately. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many female clients on changing the behaviors that result from the fear of upstaging male colleagues. Is this what your program is all about? Like most things in life, the art of tooting your horn requires thought, time and practice.

This was one of the books recommended in Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Officeand it’s right along the same lines, but it focuses specifically on self-promotion. There are some companion surveys which when answered first make the book solidify even more. As one man recently asked, “I have a boss and all he does is brag about himself. In the UK it is ‘not the done thing’ to draw attention to yourself, and many people work hard all week and then find someone else getting that promotion or that mention in the departmental meeting.

My big takeaway is that I need to come up with a written list of my accomplishments, talents, interests, etc. totoing

O of the higher-ups in the meeting asks Bill’s boss if he knows of anyone who might be interested in starting a high-profile community outreach program to enhance the company’s image. What I like about this book is the so called Myth of bragging.

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