Brick Bat Coba Service, Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing Providers in India. Get contact details and address of Brick Bat Coba Service firms and companies. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing Service to our valued patrons. In this type of waterproofing on exposed RCC slab, . CEMENT BASED WATERPROOFING TREATMENT WITH BRICK BAT. COBA: In general the waterproofing shall be carried out as per specification of the.

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Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing Service

Tapecrete find its application in the following areas: Can be used for protection of steel sheet roofing. Archinomy is currently open to take architectural projects. Tapecrete have other bricm too:. And finally top finishing with average 20 mm thick layers of same mortar added with jute fibre at 1 kg per bag including waterprooding the surface smooth with cement slurry.

Please contact using the contact form. In the process of searching for a thesis topic Thesis: This is one of the oldest methods of waterproofing which was adopted by many when we moved towards flat roof construction.

This treatment to continue along the inner side of the parapet or other adjoining walls up to a height of 30cm in the bick of a round Vatta and finally converting the top surface with joint less waterproofing cement sand mortar 1: Stone age did not come to an end because of scarcity of stones.

We are one of the leading and best waterproofing service providing company in Mumbai Maharashtra India involved in facilitating our clients with the qualitative solution for difficult working at heights and the use of Rope Access Services. Call Send a quick message. Cleaning the base surface: Art of laying brick bat coba requires specialized skill and non-availability of manpower having this skillset is also the reason for the decline of this conventional method of waterproofing.


Why Brick Bat Coba Not the Correct Method for Terrace Waterproofing?

The surkhi or brick bat coba is used to provide slopes on the flat terraces Is mainly used for easy draining of rainwater to avoid the contact between water and roof. The surface shall be cleaned to remove all dust, foreign matters, loose materials or any deposits of contamination which could affect the bond between the surface and the tapecrete Coating. TAPECRETE Is a white milky single compound acrylic latex polymeric qaterproofing used for increasing adhesive bond strength waterproffing, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance of cement mortar and excellent adhesion and protection with steel and concrete.

They make no bones about asserting their experience and Knowledge in their given assignments We strive to earn your business from our first abt to after the job is completed We want you as our customer to be confident with the choices you ‘ve made and your experience with our company. Before laying wateproofing bats having an average thickness of about mm, about 70 mm near rain water pipe and mm at ridge are soaked overnight in water.

Arch How to prepare for B. Reduces porosity of concrete. Brick bat coba is common in north india.

Chemical Waterproofing, Tapecrete And Brickbat Coba | Archinomy

If we have advance options definitely should go for new modern and better techniques. Best Indian waterproofing treatment for brickbat waterproofing and mostly use every building terrace- bathroom waterproofing treatment in Ckba. Water proofing is defined as treatment of surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure.


For waterproofing of watertanks and swimming pools.

Prior to application of tapecrete, surface must be prepared as mentioned below to avoid failure and to achieve maximum beneficial properties.

Low dasage required Cholride free and hydrophober. We have in our fold a team of agile, assured workforce with qualified supervision for Overseeing our projects. Dampness in the building spoils its aesthetics. Applying a coat of cement slurry.

Transparent water repellent coating. Get best deals for coconut. Generally, bitumen felt is applied on roof surfaces, which have a failed surkhi or brick bat coba system. Brick bat coba is a method to provide insulation waterprooring thermal comfort and waterproofing treatment to prevent leakage of water in case of RCC roofs.

Reduces permeability of concrete. In no case there should be standing water. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The average thickness of complete treatment shall be mm. Get waterpgoofing Touch with us Shakti Waterproofing. This method was also preferred because of its efficiency in keeping the interiors cool. Also, art of laying brick bat coba requires specialized skill and non-availability of manpower having this skillset is also the reason for the decline of this conventional method of waterproofing.

This is also one of the main reasons for you not seeing this waterproofing system on many terraces nowadays. Application of polymer modified coating helps to avoid water penetration. Filling the joints in the bricks with the mortar properly.

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