More info on SAYC: ACBL SAYC System Booklet and ACBL Standard Yellow Card (both in PDF format). See also: Full SAYC convention card. SAYC Bridge Conventions. Here are some of the conventions that should be played under normal circumstances. Trying to put all we play in one place in a. Standard American is a bidding system for the game of bridge widely used in North America promulgated by the American Contract Bridge League. SAYC is widely used in internet bridge play, but only rarely in on-site tournament play.

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When playing negative doubles, partner is no longer in position double an overcall for penalties. Opener will pass or correct to 4 of the major.

Raising partner’s minor is fine, but If your partnership has hopes for game, that game will almost invariably be 3NT. Top of nothing vs. This applies also if the opponents intervene with a double or a bid. A cue bid of an overcall by RHO [e. The first hand, with a singleton and doubleton is much too good for a weak 2 bid. Holding a six-card or longer suit, raise to the three level when invitational and the four level when holding game values.

Backwash squeeze Cannibal squeeze Clash squeeze Compound squeeze Criss-cross squeeze Double squeeze Entry squeeze Entry-shifting squeeze Guard squeeze Knockout squeeze Non-simultaneous double squeeze Progressive squeeze Pseudo-squeeze Saturated squeeze Simple squeeze Simultaneous double squeeze Single-suit squeeze Squeeze play Stepping-stone squeeze Strip squeeze Triple squeeze Trump squeeze Vice squeeze Winkle squeeze Suit combinations: This system was the first to employ the point-count method to evaluate the strength of a bridge hand.


Standard American – Wikipedia

Opener corrects to notrump if appropriate and will raise an invitation to game when holding suitable values. This is rarely done with less than 6 cards in the suit.

When responder jumps to 2NT after an opening bid of 1 or 1the trump suit has been established and opener is asked for further bridfe regarding his hand. Bid normally Balancing fourth seat bids mean much the same as their direct seat counterparts, but can be lighter. Suit bids are natural.


It is possible to open a weak two with a poor seven-card suit not good enough to open with at the swyc level. DOPI double with no aces, pass with one ace and with more bid naturally. However it is sometimes necessary to pick a brodge that would normally have been a second choice without the overcall: Suit bids at the one level are forcing for one round. With four cards in both majors, opener bids hearts first. Opener should raise a new major suit with three-card support or, perhaps, a doubleton honor.

Rebid his own second suit at the cheapest level weak hand. Which card is led from xxx, xxxx, and xxxxx.

Partner bids seven of the trump suit when holding two of the top three honors in the suit. After a 2NT rebid all systems are 3 is Stayman, 3 and 3 are transfers, etc. Rebid the original suit at the cheapest level possible. AKQJxx 87 Jxx xx. A jump preference usually preemptive. Stopper in opponent’s suit. There is nothing ‘new’, per se, asyc an ACOL player would be surprised by.


A bid of the fourth suit at the two level or higher is forcing for one round and may be artificial. Jump raise with extra values. Sponsors About Bridgebum began in and covers a large set of descriptions of Bidding conventions, declarer play and defense, and more.

Finesse Safety hridge Coups: Holding five spades and four hearts, responder rebids 2 with invitational values and 3 with game forcing values. Is to play if your side is at the four level or higher.

SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card)

The purpose of bidding during the auction phase of each deal is to exchange information with one’s partner in order to arrive at an optimal contract while concurrently contending with the opponents’ attempts to do likewise. Raise Partner’s minor with adequate support.

With the addition and evolution of various brisge and conventionsit is now more generally referred to as Modern Standard American. Transfer bids are made on all hands containing a five-card, or longer, major suit except as noted above see Stayman for major suit holdings. Experienced players may consider filling some “holes” in the system, including but not limited to:

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