Ideal for students and scholars alike, this edition of Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) includes the complete Inner Chapters, Zhuangzi, Brook Ziporyn. Brook A. Ziporyn is a scholar of ancient and medieval Chinese religion and With Tiantai Buddhism (Open Court, ); Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings with . Brook Ziporyn (Translator). · Rating details · ratings · 13 reviews. Ideal for students and scholars alike, this edition of Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) includes.

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This is not told as such, of course, but pecked at from a series of conversations, anecdotes, and questions. Aug 27, Julius rated it it was amazing. His translation is for the most part smoothly readable and seems to capture Zhuangzi’s philosophical depth zhangzi humor as far as I can tell, anyway. His style is complex—mythical, poetic, narrative, humorous, indirect, and polysemic.

Andy rated it really liked it Mar 04, If you view this as nothing more than an ancient Chinese philosopher rambling, at least you can get plenty of thought provoking questions out of it that will stay with you for quite a while.

Brook A. Ziporyn | The University of Chicago Divinity School

The Inner Chapters Honolulu: Other nuggets of wisdom include the idea that everyone knows how much they zipory to be useful, but nobody knows the value in uselessness–one example brought forth is a massive tree that has gnarled roots and terrible quality wood.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Yet by sewing and washing, he is able to fill his mouth; by shaking the fortune-telling sticks he earns enough to feed ten. As Confucius once said, “A man who understands the Tao [or Dao, since they are synonymous] in the morning may die without regret in the evening.

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His work consists of 33 chapters and is categorized into 3 parts: As this is my favorite book of philosophy, I’m overjoyed with such a vibrant broko translation.

But in those days, that was the real concern among the populists! When the authorities draft soldiers, a cripple can walk among them confidently flapping his sleeves; when they are conscripting work gangs, cripples are excused because of their infirmity.

Like almost any foreign book, it’s really not the same when you’re reading it in translation. He followed his whims exactly as he liked and knew nothing about Zhuang Zhou.

Click here to sign up. Chapters 23, 27, 33; selections from Chapters 24, 25, 26, 32, Including traditional commentaries as integral part of the translation is a novelty.

Textual Notes to a Partial Translation London: Other editions – View all Zhuangzi: Compare Harold Roth, ed. Zhuangzi zhuangzo forth many examples, many of which are obviously created just to exemplify a point, but the names can be replaced with individuals that you ma The language throughout the writings themselves, which only zippryn about the first half of the book, is precise enough to apply to real problems that people have today, while vague enough that they don’t require someone to be of a certain faith, have a certain background, or whatever other divisive factors could be part of a philosophy book.

Brook A. Ziporyn

For more than two millennia, numerous commentaries and sub-commentaries have been written on the canons. Great philosophers and their lives have always interested me though it didn’t reach the same level of passion as ziloryn historical aspects.

But that’s one of the zipoyn with modern cultures: Skip to main content. When the authorities give relief grain to the ailing, a cripple gets three measures along with undles of firewood. Asahi Shinbun- sha, — With the best translation for people who are not able to read the original. Apr 13, James rated it liked it Shelves: Selections from Traditional Commentaries on the Inner Chapters.


Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries

Apr 10, David Fitzgibbon rated it liked it. This translation shines clearly – letting you ziporgn more time basking in the wisdom.

Michigan Monographs in Chinese Studies, no. So would you rather live a short life that is full of purpose, or a long life in which you are merely existing, and nothing more?

Robyn rated it liked it Jul 01, While his research on the composite nature of the text became influential, his rearrangement of passages of the received text of the Zhuangzi remains contested. I don’t read classical Chinese and can’t comment on the translation’s skill and accuracy, but I can say as a long time amateur fan and recent teacher of Zhuangzi’s text that I appreciated this translation quite a bit.

Writing com- mentaries on ancient texts is still widely practiced today, both in the form of line-by-line exegesis and by way of summary and exposition. Selections from the Outer Chapters. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I went right to the passages that I felt were most troublesome for translators, and I found them to be handled in such an artful way that I found myself drawn into the flow of the chapter, only to find more passages that are clearly illuminated by Ziporyn’s prose.

What was dissapointing was commentaties. It is well known that the Chinese have an enviable tradition of clas- sical exegesis. The University of Michigan,

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