I first learned the power of questions from Barry Neil Kaufman, author of To Love Is To Be Happy With. “Bears,” as he likes to be called, teaches that you can. This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in In this live recording . The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on the Option Method & Attitude, Vol. 1 [ Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh.

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She waited until my session was over then came in to visit with us for a few moments. I had never experienced an individual session with Bruce, vi classes and groups. I traveled through his eyes, and his voice as he spoke ageless wisdom, guiding me through myself, and changing me forever.

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Initially I balked at the great chasm of awe that his presence represented, but being with him, like a flower in the presence of the sun, I bruuce the fullness of that freedom without restriction for the first time. Karsico relished that moment of surprise at having missed the belief, like the moment when a missing puzzle piece jumps out to become so obvious! Then he got down. Bruce, it seemed, was much happier devoting his time to writing for his lectures and classes and spending time with his students.

Option Method Network

Both roots are quite appropriate for the name of the method whose goal is to serve by helping people to realize the role that personal choice plays in their emotional states. He loved to be with students. Di MarsicoRemembrance – by Frank Mosca As I sat thinking of what to say about my memories of Bruce, my mind ranged over the years and the many wonderful things he had said that were so incredibly clarifying and insightful.


It was unique and in the total context of who he was and how he was will never, to my mind, be duplicated. He insisted tenaciously on his right to march to the beat of a different social drummer. The Myth of Unhappiness captures the essence of this groundbreaking self-help tool. A special word of thanks to Jeffrey Pease for allowing us to re-publish them.

I question beliefs much like Sherlock Holmes investigated a crime or Socrates guided his students into clarity. He was blunt and straightforward, but always in a way that was respectful and to the point.

You can now hear Bruce discuss the Option Method questions and reveal how asking these questions help uncover judgments and beliefs that stand in the way of happiness. He was in great pain from many severe health problems. And I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities to find them and to watch them turn into sources of amusement before my wondering eyes.

Recognizing that what he was searching for was not within the confines of the monastery, Bruce began to find his true marwico while studying psychology and philosophy in the s at Seton Hall University, New Jersey.

I owe much of my clarity maesico her, which led to much of my success. That of course can be anythingfrom what I heard to what I saw.

He could cut through a lifetime’s worth of gnarled rooted anguish, and redefine what was and is, in a completely different way.

His truths a simple soothing balm. He said he wanted me to know how he worked. I was definitely concerned brucr this dinner event. If you want to know more, please look for their books. In this book Bruce explains the philosophy behind his Option Method Questions.

[PDF Download] Bruce Di Marsico Presents The Option Method [Read] Online – video dailymotion

To be sure, he had an inimitable style of presenting Option and of querying people about their unhappiness. If that helps you understand your life,it is because it is true. We had spaghetti with my son, Barnaby who, at 3 or 4 years of age, was not known for his good matsico. Where would I begin?


Well, I will try, my friends, for you. He gave me an Option session. Results will be faster if you actually work with a coach trained to help fi get clear of your beliefs.

Barnaby was showing his books. I recalled the moments in his kitchen speaking about really nothing much at all: Bruce explains how our beliefs affect our happiness. Some of them were originally published in the IOMA newsletter. My attempts to explain that people perceived his communication as hostile meant little or nothing to him. He had one simple truth to tell but each time he explained it, it was as if he had just breathed life into it for the first time.

One of my favorites is from Morty Lefkoe. He loved to love. Life redirected me into writing books and coaching people through words. Your explanation of the event is most likely the belief that helped create it.

At one point, decades ago, I was so fascinated with the power of questions that I made business cards calling myself a Socratic Dialogue Consultant. They may feel like facts, but beliefs are mental judgments we made up at some point for a variety of reasons.

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