BSC Colours. The colours depicted are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend upon the settings of your monitor and browser. Pearl, metallic . BS C Colour Chart. The colours shown below should be used as a guide only , the displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browser. The British Standard C colour paint range is offered in a limited number of products and subject to minimum batch mixes. BSC is a range of special and .

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Many of our products are temperature sensitive and have an optimum temperature application range to ensure their best performance. Suitable for both internal and external decorative and architectural effects.

BS Quaker Grey. BS French Grey. BS Inter Orange. BS Artic Blue. BS Verdigris Green. BS Orient Blue.


BS 381C SET:1996 (R2002)

BS Dark Earth. BS Orange Brown. BS Pru Blue. BS Deep Saxe Blue.

B recommend that you check your local weather conditions prior to starting your project. BS Peacock Blue. BS Light Slate Grey. BS Strong Blue. BS Deep Buff. Please note we no longer offer printed colour cards.

Colour Kote Ltd-BS C

BS Smoke Grey. BS Pale Cream. BS Traffic Yellow. BS Traffic Blue.

BS Brillant Green. BS French Blue. BS Currant Red. BS Nato Green. Grey BS Lt. BS Pale Roundel Blue.

BS Bold Red. BS Olive Drab. BS Light Brown. We will confirm our ability or otherwise to match the colour and sheen levels upon receipt. We are able to mix colours in quantities as small as Technical Paints – BS Cobalt Blue.

BS Dark Violet. BS Middle Buff.

All colours shown here are for guidance only. BS Light French Blue. BS Golden Yellow.

BS Imperial Brown. BS Signal Red. Surfaces Guidance For Preparation.


BSC Colour Chart

BS Very Dark Drab. BS Aircraft Blue. BS Jasmine Yellow. BS Silver Grey. BS Olive Green.

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