Gary Soto’s first book for young readers, Baseball in April and Other Stories, won the California Library Association’s Beatty Award and was named an ALA Best. Buried Onions [Gary Soto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For Eddie there isn’t much to do in his rundown neighborhood but eat, sleep. This page guide for “Buried Onions” by Gary Soto includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 9 chapters, as well as several more in-depth.

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Buried Onions

He lives in Berkeley, California. Sagging suggests depression, defeat, hopelessness, lack of energy and enthusiasm, all of which are evident in the setting and its inhabitants. Yet, Eddie is determined to survive in this world where all seems against him. In the end, with his money gone and a dangerous gang member stalking him, Eddie’s only choice is to join the military and hope that they can give garg a better future than the one Fresno seems to offer.

It made a lot of sense to me and I was able to easily envision what the main character was going through during his life. Eddie dreams of having onons permanent job, getting out of his violent neighborhood, and keeping out of trouble all while steering himself in a positive direction.

Buried Onions by Gary Soto

I can relate to such words because of the experiences that I’ve faced. Here is one for boys, especially reluctant readers. One of my favorite scenes was the one where Eddie finally talks to coach about gar problems. This book is accessible to middle-school reading levels, yet the content is geared more toward older students.


Suddenly, we find Eddie ogling her bikinied breasts and kissing her neck–and then the scene ends. View all 3 comments. Eddie doesn’t want to cause anymore violence or get involved with gangs anymore. While hell-bent on avenging her son, Eddie’s Aunt relentlessly endeavors to convince him to work with a childhood friend s Buried Onions will tickle the interest of anyone who happens to love a fictional tale once in a while.

Soto has more poetic imagery than other books I’ve read recently. Overall, Buried onions is a well-written book. Lastly, at the very end of the story, Eddie comes across a past character, and from his presence and his position on the onion, farm causes him to think of his time in Fresno. Eddie always smells the scent of onions in the air–the sharp bitter odor of hopelessness and anger that haunts the poor side of Fresno.

Kirkus ReviewsSotos clear, finely honed poets voice shines in this tale of barrio life in Fresno, California The minute he came to these terms he knew he could push forward. Between a young man named Angel and Jesus mother, they made it hard for Eddie to fulfill his wish, for both of them wanted revenge.

At times it was very positive when they would talk about Eddie trying to stay out of trouble and to live a better life. Recently he has discovered that he enjoys baking cookies. Return to Book Page. He’s finding that no matter how straight he tries to live, Fresno’s environment will always drag hi At 19, Eddie has successfully avoided getting involved in gangs in his hometown of Fresno, although many of his old friends and family members have not.

He has just dropped out of community college, he had been a troubled kid being a gangster. The novel came together in a very poetic way, and I feel that it is for this reason, rather than the bleak themes, that the spto deserves an older young adult audience; in many ways the book poses questions instead of answers.


Stiles, who trusts him, Mr. Eddie has a hard life. All he wants is to forget budied violent past, hold onionss a job, and walk a straight line. He “ran” with gangs but never hung out with them all the time. He lives in a squalid apartment, and is taking to thinking of the roaches as his “homies” Violent death has surrounded him. And at the same time he’s afraid to leave the only life he’s known.

Buried Onions Overview

What role does the armed forces play? Anyone living in a neighborhood in which they do not feel safe will also relate to Buried Gaary. Latino boys who prefer action over description.

This is the kind of book that could get younger students onionz about reading. I thought this book had no resolution and was too gritty to be enjoyable. It just hurts people who are already hurting, and will just die anyway, same as everyone else. How does this connect to the theme of the story, and what is his purpose for doing so? A very well written, intriguing story, Mr.

Buried Onions Gary Soto Limited preview – He begins by saying how many people he cared for are dead. Preview — Buried Onions by Gary Soto. Some of my more struggling and at-risk students. It is painful but beautiful. Eddie has lost his father, two uncles, best friend, and most recently his cousin.

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