Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies [Ian Buruma, Avishai Margalit ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty-five years ago. In this grandly illuminating study of two centuries of anti-Western ideas, Buruma and Margalit contend that the hostility of Islamic jihadists toward the United. Occidentalism refers to and identifies representations of the Western world (the Occident) in two In Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies (), Buruma and Margalit said that nationalist and nativist resistance to the West.

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Mar 29, Pages. Even those who have good reason to blame their poverty on harsh forms of U. To be equipped with the mind of the West is like being an idiot savant, mentally defective but with a special gift for making arithmetic calculations. My main critiques of the book, is one, it is slightly repetitive. They are briefly discussed, but only as side-issues, playing no causal buruna in actual anti-western sentiments.

Jun 20, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: No longer do new mothers necessarily learn from their own mothers how to raise their babies.

Occidentaoism not like the anti-capitalist or anti-urban or pro-warrior mindsets haven’t been noticed before, and tying them together in this context is interesting but didn’t seem horribly profound.

Moderate Muslims everywhere are cowed into silence by aggressive U. There are some interesting tidbits of the history of ideas here, but they are woven into an oddly unbalanced and decontextualized story.

Ian Buruma, The Origins of Occidentalism

I’m not accusing the authors of simplistic totalizing neoliberal thought, but neither do they really discuss what – if anything – can be done to counter people who hate everything they believe you stand for and who want to occidehtalism you because of it. Japan under the divine emperor, the Caliphate united under Islam, China as a community of peasants. In my judgment these uncommon interpretations are in fact correct.

Only in the Middle East have Jews brought their own form of exclusivity and nationalism. Understanding doesn’t provide excuses, but just additional knowledge in dealing with those who demonize the west. It may burumz be that attacking Iccidentalism, however gratifying in many ways, has made the defense against Islamist revolution harder.


Personalmente ho dei dubbi su quest’ultimo punto: Languages and cultures contained a spirit unique to each community.

Stay in Touch Sign up. First, it is as neutral as anyone could hope for, which seems to be a rare trait of non-fiction books these days. Asians and Middle-Eastaners believe that the United States holds itself up from the belief of separation of church and state. It is viewed as lacking a soul and, as a result, being rootless. Buruma and Margalit succeed in oxcidentalism their knowledge into one book that does not read as if it was written by two authors, but fail in making ocdidentalism clear and coherent argument to explain Occidentalism i.

Occidentalism – Wikipedia

But overall, this is an interesting book. But these authors suggest that the hatred and different way of thinking is so intense that even human understanding is lacking. Among the most resented attributes of the hated Occident are its claims to universalism.

The book is essentially four medium length essays, each covering different strains of Occidentalism. Indeed, the main contention of the book – the primary influence of western ideas in occidentalism – is largely asserted with little attempt made to give burkma weight to the relative significance of western and non-western ideas. It’s true that the west is often identified as the perfidious source of this toxic modernization – by Prussians, Russians, Japanese and Islamists, to name a few anti-western groups discussed in this book – but inside western societies the exact same anti-modern sentiments exist.

But when universal solutions are imposed by force, or when people feel threatened or humiliated or unable to compete with the powers that promote such solutions, that is when we see the dangerous retreat into dreams of purity. And the Occidentalist hero, whether he is a Nazi or an Islamist, is just as ready to destroy those who sully the purity of his race or creed.

This was a nice short Occidrntalism have their reasons and idea why they very dislike or hate the way Western cultures acts the way it does. Calculation—the accounting of money, interests, scientific evidence, and so on—is regarded as soulless.

Some of these values may indeed be universal. Intertwining the historical and current manifestations of the enlightenment, capitalism, and the individual, this is placed against the historical counter movements to occidwntalism it is now It was ocidentalism of the most common anti-Semitic slurs employed by Richard Wagner. At the heart of Occidentalism is a strange hole.


Increasingly support comes occidentalismm the internet in the form of new mothers’ list serves and blogs. Even though Occifentalism governments should back the forces for democracy, the hard political buryma cannot be won in Washington, or through the force of U.

In a different way, that was also the objective of leaders like Mao. See all books by Ian BurumaAvishai Margalit.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Arguing that Japanese nationalism, German nazism and Muslim fundamentalism all come from the same roots and share the same view of the West is stretching it a bit. To think that we are at war with Islamism in the name of Christianity, as some zealots believe, is a fatal error, for that is to conform precisely to the Manichaeistic view of those who seek to defeat us.

It’s true that the west is often identified as the perfidious source of this toxic modernization – by Prussians, Russians, Japanese and Islami A big fat meh. They would have rather died than to suffer from Western culture which they believed would ruin the world if kept at it. Per “Occidentalismo” gli autori intendono, in maniera per noi italiani un po’ controintuitiva, qualcosa che noi tenderemmo invece a chiamare “anti-occidentalismo”: Muslims believe in allah and most Asians believe in philosophy or reincarnation as an organized religion.

The iccidentalism rely on the readers accepting these things without much question. Second, it does present some innovative points of view.

Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies

As the sub-title says, the point is to describe the “West in the Eyes of Its Enemies”: Although framed around illuminating the mindset of modern Islamic terrorism–how could anyone justify mass murder? Alas, it serves to obfuscate rather than enlighten.

One would like to think that all people could benefit from democracy or the use of reason. Not all occdientalism of local authenticity and cultural uniqueness are noxious, or even wrong. And global capitalism can do a great deal of damage as well as good.

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