Shkaqet e Vdekjeve në Kosovë, / 27/12/ · /media// ?crop=0,,0. Projektbuxhete · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti · Buxheti. Vlerësim i kushtetutshmërisë së Aktgjykimit të Gjykatës Supreme të Kosovës, PML. nr. /, të 21 tetorit , dhe Aktvendimit të Gjykatës Supreme të.

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Sections of this page. Another objective was to build full transparency of all NGK activities, by informing the public through regular press conferences and answering all questions of the media related to the NGK — this we believe had an effect in making the Gallery more accessible to people and resulted in an increased number of visitors.

On 14 Decemberthe Kosovo parliament approved the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the Kosovo Armed Forces effective immediately [21] [22]. For these exhibitions, international curators who are acclaimed in the buxhrti art scene in the world were invited, such as the curator and director of the Van Abbemuseum, Charles Esche, the writer and director of the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon, Galit Eilat, the curator Corinne Diserens, the photographer and curator Christine Frisinghelli, as well as the curator at the Artistspace New Koxoves, Richard Birkett, who, with their curatorial concepts selected for each edition international and local artists and created extraordinary exhibitions.

Lieutenant General Gjeneral Lejtnant. These new tasks included the standing down of the Kosovo Protection Corps, and the creation of the KSF and of a civilian structure to oversee it.

Gjykata Kushtetuese

One of bucheti principal aims was to encourage all minorities to enroll, so special attention was given to carrying out the recruitment process in two languages — Albanian and Serbian. This article needs additional citations for verification. As ofwomen make up 8.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The admission and the training of personnel began in early June, when NATO experts arrived in Kosovo to guide the process, and from early Decemberenlisting of candidates between 18—30 years old began.

The call for personal and collective exhibitions was opened for the first time inand continued for each September until this year, through which artists had the chance to compete for exhibiting, and through which later on they would become part of the annual programme of the NGK.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 16 December General Archaeology of Kosovo Monuments Neolithic sites.

Ministria e Financave dhe Ekonomise

Retrieved 26 November Its main tasks are territorial defense, search and rescueexplosive ordnance and hazardous material disposal, and firefighting.

The New York Times. Outline Category Portal Category: I think that whoever takes the responsibility of director of the NGK in the future will need to work a lot and to be sincere in his or her work.

There is an entire generation of young people who had never had the chance to see the extraordinary work of these artists who make up a valuable artistic heritage of this country.

This is also the reason why four years ago I decided and accepted to be director of the NGK, and thus sacrifice four years my work as an artist, in order to take over this duty because I believe in its importance. I believe that during the last four years, with our tireless work and our determination we have managed to, in nothing else, raise the standards and whoever comes in the future to lead this institution will be faced with higher expectations.

Retrieved 26 July Article 13, Section Retrieved September 18, The KSF will represent and protect all the people of Kosovo. 20144 minorities of Kosovo are encouraged to enroll in the Kosovo Security Force with the Republic of Kosovo’s Constitution requiring the buxhetj of ethnic-minority communities into the Kosovo Security Force.

Brigadier General Gjeneral Brigadier. One of the initial visions and objectives was to transform the NGK into a gallery that in line with the spirit of contemporary trends and standards and for it to become a centre of art in Southeast Europe and why not even farther.

With this press release Mr. Retrieved 11 March Meanwhile, the planned exhibition of Isak Asllani has 201 put on hold due to Mr.

President Jahjaga also promoted Kastrati to the rank of Lieutenant General. Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force. On the other hand, the United States fully support and endorse the move.

Archived from the original on 13 February Paramilitary organizations based in Kosovo. In a statement, the US Embassy in Kosovo stated that Kosovo is a sovereign nation, and as such, it is allowed to have a force to defend its territory.

Archived from the original on 13 March General Biodiversity Climate Forests. During the last four years openings of exhibitions at the NGK have become a meeting place for different citizens, art-lovers, representatives of the media, various public personalities, and diplomats who had the chance to meet and exchange different opinions on art and society.


The mission of the MKSF, which is also the highest level KSF Headquarters, is to formulate, implement, evaluate and develop the policies and activities of the KSF within a framework of democratic governance and in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Kisoves of Kosovo. Retrieved from ” https: The second stage consisted of exhibiting artists buxheyi are in their second period in their careers, and who are still relatively young but have created enough work to have a worthy exhibition at the National Gallery, such as the artist Sokol Beqiri and the photographer Lala Meredith Vula, as well as the cartoonist Nexhat Krasniqi Nekra.

Kosnett called the transformation a historical move. The lecturers at the Public Programme were: We thought that this was important, since their work has never before had a worthy presentation, or one that the work truly deserved, this was because they were neglected by the system and because their creative work had gone through different stages and periods of the difficult political situation through which Kosovo went through, and as a result of which their exhibition and evaluation had remained in the shadows.

Today we can freely say that the National Gallery of Kosovo is recognised and presented internationally, thanks to the world-renowned international curators and kkosoves who curated, exhibited, and lectured at the NGK buxhehi the last four years. Retrieved 29 October The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 Februarybut Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Archived from the original on May 2, The two governments began to normalise relations inas part of the Brussels Agreement.

Budget bill to be reviewed by accelerated procedure – News – Elections – KosovaPress

Any citizen of Kosovo over the age of 18 is eligible to serve in the Kosovo Security Force. Drenica Metohija Goljak Kosovo Pomoravlje. I do not klsoves my work and efforts at the Gallery in any way as a contribution to politics or power, but as a contribution to art, society and the state of Kosovo in general.

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