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Order Series Speakers direct from Bowers & Wilkins or find a retailer. Bringing the highest quality sound straight to you. Used B&w for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Bw D for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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This is a loudspeaker that tips the scales at lbs apiece or kg as we prefer in the UKand the D is extremely big, though not especially tall at My review samples were finished in a superlative Gloss V&w Black accented with gold trim lines around each driver.

Overall What is my overall opinion, you might ask. Henderson e-mailed me a copy of his test track and with a little tweaking, I could confirm that the bass was 800e. The sound can really be very 3D.

What Hi-Fi?

Imaging is first rate, both focus and depth. Quite simply, the ultimate loudspeaker. Compared to Magnepan MG3.

First pioneered on our trailblazing Nautilus speaker, the tubes work like horns in reverse, minimising colouration by soaking up excess sound energy from the back of the driver.

The tweeter is mounted at the mouth of a tapered tube, the sleek Nautilus. The Sound of Silence As with all of the speakers in the range, the Diamond features our legendary Nautilus tapering tube drive unit technology.

Create new account Request new password. First, the new grilles for the woofer and midrange cones are attached to the front panels by invisible magnets, as were only the tweeter grilles on the earlier series.


Related Latest Galleries Recommended. Perhaps it is the unusually homogenous integration between the various drive units, or perhaps it is the lack of group delay, which after all is a property intimately associated with phase and therefore timing.

Recording of January All hail the new king in town! Design Analysis The headline change from old to new, the single features that has made all the headlines, is the CVD Chemical Vapour Deposition diamond dome tweeter. Paradigm Persona 5F loudspeaker.

Its curved external shape avoids the unwanted acoustic effects caused by flat baffles n&w sharp cabinet edges. The same principle applies today. Again, my room may be to blame too, but the Maggies just sound more detailed, are more open, faster, and more articulate. Compared to its predecessor it offers greater musical contrasts and transparency, a less intrusive treble and an overall balance that is finally very close to neutral.

This one seems to be very focused and strongly bundled. It is also a little slow and unprecise in the bass and lacks a little focus and definition in the midrange.

There is no hint of aggression, nothing sharp or edgy, but no level of fine detail is too subtle to be reproduced 80d clarity. Just as an indication of what this can mean in practice. This in turn has improved the tweeters’ low frequency behavior which has allowed the use of a simpler lower order high pass filter, which was a specific design aim.

A more potent electromagnetic engine drives 800v new woofers, powered by a motor system with two neodymium magnets to provide a more symmetrical magnetic field over long excursions, thereby reducing distortion and increasing dynamic response.


In Summary The D is a startling revision of an already excellent high-end full bandwidth design of striking appearance and superb build. The Diamond might look almost as imposing as the Diamond, but thanks to its smaller footprint and more traditional cabinet design, it will fit more comfortably into a home environment.

All four driver units are combined in a three-way configuration with a high-quality but relatively simple crossover design shown below. Diamond for Every Occasion The Series Diamond represents the pinnacle of our technological achievement, and the sum total of almost 50 years of research and development at the cutting edge of acoustic design.

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) D Review By Alvin Gold

Shock absorber For the Series Diamond range, we’ve refined the science of magnet motor design to a fine art. Fits Anywhere Small but perfectly formed, the Diamond will fit almost everywhere. I bought these magnificent speakers in an attempt to find more manageable replacements for my Magnepan MG3. With the Diamond, though, some of the visible changes are themselves functionally significant. Bw& is the Marlan enclosure and the FST unit in it, that makes for a super-wide soundstage that can really float around the speakers.

This was again evidenced when comparing them to the Diamond tweeters. I swapped to Cardas Golden Reference but that was too much and it resulted in sloppy, slow bass and less articulation in the lower midrange. So what changed in the D? Recording of November

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