The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has started seizing vessels for violating provisions of the Cabotage Law. “This is the time for the Federal Government to give the necessary support to NIMASA and see to the implementation of the Cabotage Act. of the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, and the Guidelines for its Does the Cabotage Act require a ship to be Nigerian-flagged before it can.

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This Act may be cited as the coastal and inland shipping Cabotage Act, The Nigerian maritime must move forward, and the success of which will begin with proper enactment of laws that will protect indigenous operators, for which Cabotage is a must.

Cabotage Vessel financing Fund Date passed by Senate. The Minister may on the receipt of an application grant a waiver to a duly registered vessel on the requirement for a vessel under this Act to be wholly manned by Nigerian citizens where he is satisfied that there is no qualified Nigerian officer or crew for the position specified in the application.

Waiver on wholly Nigdria ownership.

Nigeria: Cabotage Law – Nimasa Begins Clamp Down On Non-Compliant Vessels –

Merchant Shipping Act ii. Vessels with valid Licence. Archive My Month December Carriage of Petroleum Products and Ancillary Services.

Log in to leave a comment. A vessel tug or barge of whatever type other than a vessel, tug and barge whose beneficial ownership resides wholly in a Nigerian citizen shall not engage in the carriage of materials or supply services to and from oil rig, platforms and installationswhether offshore or onshore or within any ports or points in Nigerian waters.

Why is it that 14 years Cabotage came to be, indigenous shipping practitioners are still full of the same lamentations as they were, prior to the enactment of the Act and they still complain that multinationals are dominating nigfria business of shipping in Nigeria? Extract from Gazette No. This Act was published in.


Much Ado About Cabotage Act And Its Implementation | ShippingPosition Online

A waiver granted under this Act shall specify the period of time for which it shall be valid, which period shall not in nogeria circumstance exceed one 1 year. Why Nigerians Need National Identification.

There lies our pessimism! Berger under bridge this morning. The minister shall immediately after the commencement of this Act issue regulations and guidelines which shall permit foreign owned vessels engaged in the domestic trade, a temporary registration in the Nigerian Registry, which registration shall cover the duration of the contract for which the vessels are employed. Duration of a waiver.

Terms and conditions of Licence. Power of enforcement Officers. The Act in section three had stated: The Minister shall immediately after the commencement of this Act, establish and publish the criteria and guidelines for the issuance of licenses under this Act. Strict liability and general penalty.

The beneficiaries of the fund shall be Nigerian citizens and shipping companies wholly owned by Nigerians. In this Act. It is already 14 years since former president Olusegun Obasanjo signed the Coastal and Inland Shipping Bill otherwise called Cabotage into law, at a brief but epoch-making ceremony at the State House in Abuja.

When an offence is committed by a vessel under sections 3,4,5,6 and 21 on more than one day or is continued by the vessel for more than one day, it shall be deemed to be a separate offence for each day on which the offence is committed or continued.

Even though we acknowledge the new initiative of NIMASA, we are of the opinion that the Act died on arrival after it was given to people who had no idea of what their mandate as far as Cabotage Act is concerned.


Application to Foreign Vessels. The provisions under this Act shall be enforced from the first anniversary of the day on which this Act comes into force, that is to say, 1 one year after the commencement date of this Act.

Indeed, the law itself needed amendment for easy interpretation at the court of law, and indeed sincethe Cabotage Act has been going through review, by a committee chaired by former chairman of Senate Committee on Marine Transport, Senator Ugochukwu.

Jubril also said that in order to have an accurate data of available maritime labour in the sector, NIMASA has recently come up with an electronic register of all maritime labour in order to ensure jobs are provided for them in line with the Cabotage law. Any vessel registered, granted a licence or permit in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall be deleted from the registry where it is determined that.

Cabotage Law: NIMASA begins clamp down on non-compliant vessels

Newsletter Subscription Sign acg for the latest, hotest maritime and shipping news updates! In the performance of his duties under this part, the minister shall take due care and carry out adequate investigation to ascertain the true ownership of vessels and ship owning companies and shall issue guidelines for determination thereof which shall include.

An Agent Of National Cohesion. Citizenship requirement for ship financing. Why is it that both NIMASA and the supervisory ministry of transportation are more interested in granting waivers to foreign flag vessels to continue trading on our coastal waters in clear circumvention of the provisions of Cabotage? Grant of licence to foreign vessels and conditions

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