Section 7 of the Cadastral Act (Act No. ) provides: Sec. 7. Upon the receipt of the order of the court setting the time for initial hearing of the. Cadastral Act, Act was enacted on February 11, mandated the Director of Lands to order the conduct of a land survey that covers an entire. This is borne out by the provisions of sections 6 of Act No. , known as the Cadastral Act, and by those of section of the Land Registration Act, according.

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Collection 2 – Collegiate Collections. The majority relies on two legal provisions, namely, section 6 of Act No. The jurisdiction of the court even after the issuance of the final decree of registration in a cadastral case, is not exhausted but, on the contrary, subsists as to all incidental questions affecting the registered title to the end that the court’s jurisdiction over the same subject matter be not split.

Upon this decision becoming final, let a decree of confirmation and registration be entered and thereafter upon payment of the fees required by law, let the corresponding certificate of title be issued in the name of the movants-claimants. Collection 6 — Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations.

When the value of the property exceeds two hundred pesos but does not exceed five hundred pesos, two pesos. Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys. According to the stipulated facts, the appointment of the costs of survey in the aforementioned cadastral record, was ordered on February 26, Unfortunately for the [petitioner], they have not even proven the initial publication they are claiming. When the lands have been surveyed and platted, the Director of Lands represented by the Attorney-General now Solicitor Generalshall institute registration proceedings, by petition against the holders, claimants, possessors, or occupants of such lands or any part thereof, stating in substance that the public interests require that the titles to such lands be settled and adjudicated, and praying that such titles be so settled and adjudicated.

Provided, however, That subdivisions of additions to cities or town sites may, with the approval of the court, be designated by block and lot numbers instead of cadastral numbers and letters.

All subdivisions under this section shall be made in accordance with the provisions of section forty-four of Act Numbered Four hundred and ninety-six and the provisions of section fifty-eight of the said Act shall be applicable to conveyances of lands so subdivided.

After the issuance of the original certificate of title No. Search by date Search by date: The court denied the petition on the ground that it lacked jurisdiction to hear an action for partition in the cadastral case. In view of the foregoing considerations, I am of the opinion that the appealed order should be affirmed. After a careful study of the different opinions advanced by both side, we are led to believe that the second theory, that is, the theory that sustains the view that patent issued under the provisions of the Public Land Law does not have the same force and effect as the Torrens title is more in consonance with the spirit of existing legislation on the matter.


Upon the receipt of the order of the court setting the time for initial hearing of the petition, the Commission on Land Registration shall cause notice thereof to be published twice, in successive issues of the Official Gazette, in the English language.

If an agency has processed information that is incorrect, incomplete or that is unauthorised to process, the agency that entered the information shall correct the information on its own initiative.

In all proceedings for partition of registered land, after the entry of the final judgment or decree of partition. In these circumstances, “pursuant to the provisions of section 39 of Act No. The Director of Lands shall, thereupon, give notice to persons claiming an cafastral in the lands, and to the general public, of the day on which such survey will begin, giving as full and accurate a description as possible of the lands to be cadastrwl.

Each succeeding installment shall become due and payable at the same time as the general land taxes for the corresponding current year and shall be collected in the same manner. Witness, the Honorable name of the judgeon this the date. This certifies it as a stable and referenceable technical standard. To petitioners, the jurisdictional requirement of publication of the Notice of Initial Hearing has been complied with way back in when the Director of Lands, acting for and in behalf of the Government, instituted Cadastral Case No.

The general purpose of the Land Registration Act was to create an indefeasible title and one free from all charges, liens and incumbrances except those preserved against it by special mention in the decree of registration or by provision of law. And section 44 of Act No.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. ) :: Collection 6 – Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations

That on Acg 10,before the court ordered the apportionment of the costs of cadastral survey — which apportionment was ordered on February 26, — Martina Martin cadaatral a deed of sale of said lot No. Compliance to these criteria is measured in three levels: No co-owner shall be obliged to remain a party to the community, but each may, at any time, demand the partition of the thing held in common.

And this becomes the more evident in section 24 providing that the costs of partition may be taxed as costs of the cadastral proceedings, payable on installment, which means that it has to do with a partition to be made before final judgment is rendered or, cadasstral least, before the decree of registration is issued.

The contrary is precisely provided by article of the Civil Code reading:.


In the event of an appeal to the Supreme Court from any decision or order of the Court of First Instance in an action brought under the provisions of this Act, only the lots claimed by the appellant cadastarl be affected thereby. Cadastgal decision shall set forth the civil status of the respective claimant, the name of the spouse if married, the age if a minor, and if under disability, the nature of such disability.


I find no legal provision or valid reason in support of such view. A copy of the notice shall also be sent to the president of cadastra municipality, township, or settlement, and to the provincial board.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. 2259)

Consequently, the incumbrance in question was likewise not stated in the certificate of title issued in favor of Pampanga Sugar Mills. The contentions case should go to the ordinary courts, and after they have defined the newly created right, the court of land registration may then act. The date of the judgment, or more correctly stated, the date on which the defeated party receives a copy of the decision, begins the running of the time for the interposition of a motion for a new trial or for the perfection of an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The cadastral letter of a subdivision of a lot added to the cadastral number thereof shall, together with the name of the municipality, township, or settlement and province, be a sufficient description of each subdivision.


Photos – Special Visit. Any caadastral who shall interfere with the making of any survey undertaken by the Bureau of Lands, or shall interfere with the placing of ach monument in connection with any such survey, or shall deface, destroy, or remove any monuments so placed, or shall alter the location of any such monument, or shall destroy or remove any notice of survey posted on the land pursuant to law, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred pesos or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days or both.

Interference with surveys and monuments. As amended by See. The parcels shall be known as “lots” and shall on the plans filed in the case be given separate numbers by the Director of Lands, which numbers shall be known is “cadastral numbers. It may perhaps be argued that the Land Registration Court can limit its decree to the partition of the land, reserving the partition of the fruits for ordinary courts.

The appealed decision is affirmed, without costs. In the original certificate of title of said lot issued on September 3, in favor of Martina Martin, it was stated: Imperial[7] the Court ruled: That on September 3,the original certificate of title No.

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