6 déc. tion du points de vue des risques en cas d’incendie» Cahier du CSTB. de juin Toitures des bâtiments d’habitation soumis à l’article. Download Cahier CSTB Search. Home · Cahier CSTB Cahier CSTB September 14, | Author: abossuyt | Category: Combustion . Le Groupe Spécialisé n 1 R 0, 2 U p Le tableau A1 présente des valeurs précalculées de Up en tenant compte de la conductivité.

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Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics; 20 1pp.

Improving acoustic Doppler velocimetry in steady and unsteady flow by means of seeding with hydrogen bubbles. Nonlinear Phenomena1p. Journal of ship production: Stress recovery and error estimation for the scaled boundary finite-element method, International Journal for Numerical Method in EngineeringVolume 54, pp. A chapter of cst book ” Ground Improvement – Case Histories “, pp. Turbulence Days, Rostock-Warnemuende, Germany Technology, Experiences and system improvements.

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csth Identification and Mitigation of Risk. Simulation of Congestion and Incidents on Periurban Highway. The importance of hydraulic schemes for sustainable development in the 21st century.

Percolation in two-scale porous media. Landfills, toxic and nuclear wastes, confinement, liners. Wall roughness effects on flow and scouring in curved channels with gravel bed. IEEE geoscience and remote sensing letters: Applying tracer gas technique for measurements in air handling units with large recirculation ratio.


In Soils and Foundationsvol. Hydro-mechanical modeling of crises of large landslides: Improvement of embankment dam safety against overflow by downstream face concrete macro-roughness linings. Experimental validation of simulation methods for bi-directional transmission properties at the daylighting performance level.

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Response to the reply by Dr. Expanding the Frontiers, September, Athens, Greece, pp. Sollicitations hydrauliques de la structure flottante du Monolithe de Morat. Two-dimensional simulation of advection-dispersion in open-channel flows. On the use of multiphase modelling to simulate the initiation of slope movements.

Experimental study of ultrasonic wave attenuation across parallel fractures.

IEEE transactions on information theory: Granting access to a high-level postgraduate study program in hydraulic engineering. Cahuer of debris-flow deposits for hazard assessment in alpine areas.

A physically-based engineering model for the evaluation of the ultimate scour depth due to high-velocity jet impact. Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion. Sous la direction de B. Lawrence Berkeley National Labor. Origin of the high variability of water mineral content in the bedrock aquifers of Southern Madagascar.

Promoting bioethanol production through clean development mechanism: Communication 28, Laboratoire de constructions hydrauliquesEd. Discussion of the paper “Modeling of washout of dams” from A. Angle-dependent spectrophotometry of Sol-Gel deposited multilayered oxide coatings on solar collector glasses.

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Successful sediment flushing conditions in Alpine reservoirs. Beyer Portner N, Schleiss A. Winter cascading of cold water in Lake Geneva.

Fer I, Lemmin U.


BTDF measurements and ray-tracing simulations comparisons for prismatic glazing. In Solar Energy, Vol. Water Resources Research ; Education and Training, Riva del Garda, September, pp. Attrition and particle breakage under monotonic and cyclic loading.

Communication 35, Laboratoire de constructions hydrauliquesEd. Performance criteria for healthy and energy efficient buildings: Non-linear model for secondary circulation and transversal bottom slope in sharp bends. Policy into Pratice, October, Villach, Austria Semi-empirical model to predict mobile bed evolution in presence of a side overflow.

Experimental study of bed load transport on steep slopes with a two-size mixture of spherical particles.

New developments relevant for rock scour assessment in plunge pools. Risk21Bishkeck, p. Interaction of side weir overflow with bed-load transport and bed morphology in a channel.

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