European regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) EU 27 regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) Calopteryx virgo is a common and widespread species in. Confined to southern half of Ireland. Adults fly during June and July. This and the Banded Demoiselle are the largest Irish damselfly species. The Beautiful. Calopteryx virgo virgo Trusted • Calopteryx virgo Trusted more taxon associations Calopteryx virgo britannica is a subspecies of the Beautiful Demoiselle.

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File:Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo male female.jpg

Apart from the larvae of the demoiselles are difficult to distinguish from each other, the apparent differences lie mainly in the bristles and the severity of the tracheal gills on their abdomen.

On the other hand, the eutrophication of water by agriculture and by household wastewater causes an important factor in the decline dar. The wings are also traversed by a dense network of veins. Optimal areas correspond to the optimal nesting places for the females and are characterized by a normally increased flow and a suitable oviposition substrate in the potential breeding sites from.

Then in turn followed by a period of hovering flight and only if the female is sitting there and so his willingness to mate signaled it comes to mating. The inefficiency of oxygen uptake is balanced by the choice of habitat, since both increased flow and cooler water absorption capacity.

Compared to other damselflies demoiselles larvae fall immediately on the other hand, due to their much shorter mean gill lamella.


Beautiful Demoiselle |

Above all streams in uncultivated pastures, where no regular mowing is taking place, according to the animals are not habitable. This aging period usually lasts about 10 days, after which they return to the waters. Calopteryx virgomale left and female, right Linnaeus, Finding place: It is believed xalopteryx it is mainly used for communication, it also supports callopteryx ventilation in the thorax and accordingly probably also plays a role in thermoregulation of the animals.

Only caloptetyx very rare cases the larvae are present in stagnant water. Throughout the day there are males in sunlit waters are already in the early morning in Central Europe between 7. In this species the wings of the mature male are very dark blue-black and those of the female are iridescent brown-green.

Thus they will be an indication of value in the saprobic assigned of 1. Habitat Mainly found along streams and rivers, particulary those with sand or gravel bottoms. Isarkanal, Munich, Germany Deutsch: The tree growth on the waters vigro should not report closed canopy, otherwise lack the necessary sunlight.

Males can stray well away from water, females live away from water unless egg-laying or seeking a mate. Only two species of damselfly in Britain have obviously coloured wings.

Even a partial thinning of trees and shrubs should be performed. The thin-skinned, tracheogenic body attachments for oxygen uptaking from the water, under normal circumstances are still less sensitive to fluctuations in the oxygen supply.

The final stage Fstage larvae are 3. In addition, the larvae no holding facilities are against the current, and the algae and dirt particles settle to the gill lamellae are important for respiration. Was able to calopterryx in experiments that even larvae of the banded demoiselle, who had been removed completely. Already after calopteyx few days deprivation increases mortality rapidly, and after again prevail acceptable oxygen conditions, it is still too long after, birth defects and an increased mortality rate among affected animals.


Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo male female.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The defense consists mostly in threatening gestures. The following other wikis use this file: It climbs here unlike almost all other species of dragonflies upside down on the stem down and stabs the eggs with the egg-laying apparatus ovipositor almost vertically into the stems.

Similar species The Banded Demoiselle C. Mating takes place in a way that for the genus Calopteryx and is typical of an eye-catching advertising behavior precedes. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Beautiful demoiselle

The eggs are laid in the stems of aquatic plants in the water level and below, where the female can submerge up to 90 minutes. Virgi usually overwinter in mud or slime. This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat

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