Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because of this Eleggua has many aspects or “caminos” (roads) each encapsulating a different area he. Caminos de Elegua. Elegua Abaile. Elegua Afrá. Elegua Agbanukué [Agbanuké]. Elegua Akéru. Elegua Agongo Ogo. Elegua Akesan. Elegua Alá Le Ilú. Elegua. Caminos. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. It is important to make the distinction between Eshu and Eleggua. These are both.

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In Santeria however you have grooves like La Topa, La Lubanche and Salida which are belonging to Eleggua and which can also only be played for him. In Petro you can see his childish side. Caribe Production I would like to thank: Soy de Venezuela, y el elegua de caracol es como el que tiene usted, en fotos de este blog. So Eleggua is the beginning and the end. Here a short summary of those facts that I believe to be most important.

You will find the song Teremina in cantos para eleggua 3: Muffled tones are used to imitate the slide. Mostly only Bara suayo is sung. Myths Even if Eleggua is the youngest of the Orishas, he is, after Obatala, the most powerful.

So the Itotele player really has to know the language of the Iya to be able to hear the calls.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

They can be played for every Orisha. The most difficult part of this toque cxminos the entrance. In each part, every lwa will be saluted. As my thesis will not be a theological research, I concentrated on the musical side of Santeria. He should always be honoured first to make sure that a ceremony turns out well.

Te recomiendo cuidado al escoger un padrino. I made research on the main characteristics of Eleggua, and also made a link to Legba, the corresponding God in the Vodou traditian of Haiti. Son habladores y pueden vender hasta lo imposible si se les deja hablar. In general you can say that the lwas of the Rada Nanchon are more calm and controlled than the ones of the Petro.


The Bata drums came with the slaves from Yorubaland, which today is Southwest Nigeria. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. Chachalokafu is however one of the few grooves where the Okonkolo player can play variations.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

Christopher — He is the Saint of travellers and ferried Christ caminoe the river. Sure is that he is the only male Orisha not linked sexually to any female.

I will not go into more detail, because this work has a musical focus, and not a religious one. Isikolo, hechicero en mi vida. They built in combination with very short songs the climax of a tratado. Next follows a chapter that treats the Bata drums. Eleggua This is the chapter focusing on Eleggua, the Orisha of the crossroads.

Responde a mi correo. Es considerado el mensajero fundamental de Olofin. I vino a este sitio para compartir las buenas obras del doctor Nativo prophetbaz. They are mostly transmitted orally, which is the reason why you always find different versions of one particular legend. El 15 de abril detuve una prueba positiva de VIH.

Sus eleketes son de cuentas rojas y negras alternadas. Bata drums should never be dropped on the floor, and one should not sit on or walk over them Mason, Cook the porridge until it begins to thicken into a paste-like consistency.

The conversation, which I also wrote down, is fitting, like all the other traditional conversations, perfectly with the songs.

They developed about to years ago. Igualmente, todo el que desee o tenga necesidad de un empleo, puede enviarme su curriculum y requerimientos por esa via, poniendo datos personales, direcciones y telefonos de localizacion.


The most common mistake is to hear the first slap of the Iya camijos first beat. It exist some traditional conversations, but the number of conversations that are new inventions is huge. Hola, Josan, primeramente te felicito, por tu blog, y bueno, bendiciones para ti y los tuyos. There are different stories, but analysing all of them would really go beyond the scope of this work.

83 best elegua images on Pinterest | Deities, Orisha and Spirituality

It is unclear where and when they were first introduced. Son mujeriegos y poco caseros, les gusta la calle. As already mentioned in the chapter about Santeria, each Orisha is linked to a Catholic Elehua. At the beginning, slaves had to hide their Orishas behind the picture of a Catholic Saint because they were supposed to be Catholics.

The parts two and four are toques especiales and are always played with the same songs, called Ago Eleggua abukenke and Abukenke.

This music is a living language, and the feeling of it cannot be written down. Occasionally the Iya player also shakes the drum lo let them ring. Because of this fact some people in New York were also not willing to teach me. But nevertheless I found musicians like John Amira, who shared his enormous knowledge with me, and Pedrito Martinez, who really inspired me a lot with his playing and his open mind. El velorio devino protesta.

Often musicians can get very stressed with this toque, which leads them sometimes even to stop learning the Bata.

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