ImageBrowser EX is a new image management software program for Canon’s digital cameras and digital camcorders. This software makes managing and. User manual for the device Canon MVi. Online user manual database. Canon MVi Mini DV Digital Camcorder Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information.

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DIE Please read also the following instruction manuals. This manual covers the installation and the connection procedures only. CA identification plate is located on the bottom. Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference. Change the display language before you begin E Precautions related to the camcorder operation.

Additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures. Setting the Time Zone, Date and Time Set the time zone, date and time when you first start using your camcorder, or when you have replaced m7v00i backup battery. Operating modes see below Menu item and its default setting. Press the MENU button to open the menu.

Turn the SET dial to select [T. The time zone setting appears see table on the next page. The default setting is Paris. Function can be used in this mode. Function cannot be used in this mode.

Move the viewfinder upward. Attach the battery pack to the camcorder. Connect the power cord to the adapter. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. It glows mf700i when charging is complete. When charging is complete, disconnect the power adapter from the camcorder.

Mv70i0 the power cord from the power outlet and disconnect it from the adapter. Remove the battery pack after use. Connect the power cord to the power adapter. Move the adapter away from the TV or the arerial cable.

Canon MVi user manual – – Solve your problem

This is not a malfunction. The battery pack may also not be charged correctly when a power outage occurs during charging. Remove the battery pack and attach it back to the camcorder. Recording Viewfinder min.

Time LCD 85 min. Typical Recording Viewfinder 65 min. Playback Time 90 min. Actual time may be shorter. Unlike conventional battery packs, you do not need to completely use or discharge it before charging.


Tape protection tab w q The cassette compartment opens automatically. Press the P mark on the cassette compartment until it clicks. Wait for the cassette compartment to retract automatically and close the cassette compartment cover. Power the camcorder from a household power source or with a battery pack when replacing the backup battery to retain the settings.

Open the backup battery cover. Use mv700k other batteries may present a risk of fire or explosion. If it is swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately. The battery case may break mv700l the battery fluids may damage stomach and intestines.

The backup battery has a life span of about a year. Turn on the camcorder and keep the LCD panel closed. Pull out the viewfinder. Adjust the diopter adjustment lever. Attaching the Lens Cap 1. Attach the cord to the lens cap. Pass the grip belt through the loop with the metal fitting on the cord. Hook manuql lens cap on the grip belt while you are recording, and place it over the lens when you have finished.

Fastening the Grip Belt Hold the camcorder with your right hand and adjust the belt with your left. The wide attachment is for use at maximum wide-angle.

Basic Functions Preparations Screw the wide attachment fully into the lens filter thread. It could damage your eyesight. Open the battery cover. Close the battery cover. If the wireless controller does not work, check if camcorder and wireless controller are set to the same mode. Basic Functions Preparations 2. To adjust for daylight saving time, select the time zone with the U next to the area.

The year display starts to flash. Press mv700l MENU button to close the menu and to start the clock. Just set the time zone to the one of your destination, and the camcorder automatically adjusts the clock. Press the MENU button to close the menu.

Before you make important recordings, clean the video heads Remove the lens cap. Close the LCD panel and return the viewfinder into its initial position. Replace the lens cap. Disconnect the power source.

In such case, use the viewfinder instead. Make sure to open the LCD panel at 90 degrees before rotating it.


The screens are produced with extremely high-precision manufacturing techniques, with more than This has no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute a malfunction.

The viewfinder switches on allowing you to use the viewfinder while the subject can monitor the screen. Turn the SET dial to adjust the brightness level. Changing the brightness of the LCD screen does not affect that of the viewfinder or the recordings. E t q Time code Indicates the recording time in hours, minutes and seconds.

Indicates the remaining time of the tape in minutes. This is helpful to avoid scenes that are too short. Press and release the c record review button. The camcorder rewinds the tape, plays back the last few seconds, and returns to record pause mode. If it does not appear in green, adjust the focus with the SET dial. During this time, the camcorder displays the still image and keeps recording the sound.

Image resolution is slightly lower with the digital zoom.

Canon MV700i

Move it cankn T to zoom in telephoto. Press the zoom lever slightly for a slow zoom. Press harder for a faster zoom. You can also use the T and W buttons on the wireless controller. However, you cannot control the zoom speed. Turn the SET dial to select [D. Turn the SET dial to select a setting option.

Canon MVi Manuals

Basic Functions Recording 2. At wide-angle, you can focus on a subject as close as 1 cm. If necessary, support the csnon with your left hand. Be careful kanual your fingers do not touch the microphone or lens. For More Stability Lean against a wall Put the camcorder on a table Lie on your elbow Use a tripod Lighting When recording outdoors, we recommend recording with the sun at your back.

Press the 3 button to stop playback. Open the LCD panel. The built-in speaker does not sound.

Use headphones when using the viewfinder.

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