El Daozang, Tao Tzang (道藏, Tesoro del Tao) o Canon taoísta es un texto sagrado formado por unos cinco mil textos individuales, compilados en torno al año. immortal Taoist canon, the Tao-te ching, and the nature of God and the teachings concibe en el Tao-te ching, el canon inmortal Taoista, y la. 年8月17日 Canon taoísta (es); Canon taoïste (fr); Taoismi varamu (et); Daozang (ca); Daozang (de); 道藏(zh); 道藏(zh-hk); Daozang (sv); Daozang (pl);.

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Daozang – Wikidata

By joining forces to define a Taoist Canon imperial and clerical leaders could exercise their respective powers of regulatory control. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:.

Although the taoita Canon does preserve the core divisions, there are substantial forks in the arrangement due to the later addition of commentaries, revelations and texts elaborating upon the core divisions.

Holy places Taoist temple Grotto-heavens Mount Penglai.

File:Dinastia ming, divinità taoista, XVI sec.JPG

This collection of abstracts for all texts in the Canon also includes a supplement of brief biographical accounts on compilers cited. Subsidiary Compilations The Daozang jiyao mentioned above is by far the largest of anthologies chiefly derived from the Ming Canon.

These Three Grottoes were caon as levels for the initiation of Taoist masters, from lowest exorcism to highest meditation. This page was last edited on 23 Januaryat A comprehensive search and collation of texts began in the yearat the command of Song Taizong r.

For all the files concerned, please see the category Supported by Wikimedia CH.


This volume in the Harvard-Yenching Institute Sinological Index Series lists altogether titles in the Daozang and indicates which texts are also found in the Daozang jiyao Essentials of the Taoist Canon of Tao Tsangmeaning ” Taoist Canon”, consists of around 1, texts that were cznon c. Catalogues and Canons through the Ming There is as yet no definitive study tracing the history of the Daozang. Masters and Texts of Taoist Internal Alchemy: A reorganized, punctuated edition of the Taoist Canon is now in print.

The titles of two catalogues are dated to the time of Zhou Wudi r. The final product is the volume Zhonghua daozang Taoist Canon of China published by Huaxia chubanshe in From the Cantong qi.

Translations of Neidan texts freely available from the Golden Elixir website. Daozang and Subsidiary Compilations Tweet Reproduced from: Those that stand in supplement to it alternatively offer an expansion of canonic limits. Views Read Edit View history.


By using this site, canoh agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Buddhist accounts speak of a Xuandu [guan] jing mu[lu] Index of the Scriptures of the [Abbey of the] Mysterious Metropolisproduced in at the Xuandu guan Abbey of the Mysterious Metropolis in the capital of Chang’an Shaanxi.

Chinese art in the Cleveland Museum of Art. By the next century, during the early Tang period, additional catalogues of Taoist texts appear to have been compiled in succession.

Li Diankui is responsible for this reedition of the Concordance du Tao-tsang compiled under the direction of Kristofer Schipper in The taoisra of the Ming Canon are commonly traced to the editorial endeavors of Lu Xiujingcodifier of the Lingbao corpus.

It is more popularly known as the Wanli xu daozang Supplementary Taoist Canon of the Wanli Reign Periodin reference to its compilation by order of the Wanli Emperor r.


Chinese Wikisource has original text related to this article: Another comprehensive guide to the Canon has been under preparation sincewith the cznon of the “Projet Tao-tsang” under the auspices of the European Science Foundation.

These were mainly taken from older core Taoist texts e. Recorded under each title are the fascicle number s in the Hanfen lou edition and cahon number s in the volume Yiwen edition.

This two-volume threadbound publication lists a total of titles under six major headings and twenty-two subheadings. This discrepancy primarily reflects the occasional difficulty in determining where one text ends and the next begins. Another edition, the volume Daozangappeared in taoistta a joint publication of Wenwu chubanshe in Beijing, the Shanghai shudian, and the Tianjin guji chubanshe.

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It was only by the grace of his great-grandson the Zhengtong Emperor r. Awakening to Reality Fanon in the 11th century, this famous work describes Neidan Internal Alchemy in poetry.

A copy of the inscription is appended to the Daozang quejing mulu Index of Scriptures Missing from the Taoist Canonpresumably compiled by the editors of the Ming Canon. Modern Editions Access to the Ming Canon remained limited until the Hanfen lou branch of the Commercial Press in Shanghai issued a threadbound edition in

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