Hi Is it possible to download a pdf version of the instruction manual for the Canon TCN3 Timer Remote Controller? If so a link would be. The TCN3’s single CR battery is rated for about 3 years of life and I have 9 Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 compared to the Canon Remote. The TCN3 is the most advanced cable remote control available for any EOS camera. For remote photography not only does it act as a remote trigger to help.

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Canon TC-80N3 User Manual

Please enter a valid e-mail address. This will lock the button in the fully depressed position. And if you don’t like our newsletter, you can unsubscribe with a single click. Also typically used for time lapse photography is exposure count control.

Before reading any further, make sure that your camera has an “N3” remote release port. The rental companies I recommend below camon excellent to work with.

If this basic functionality is all you need from a remote release and you camera does not support the awesome little Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Releasethe less expensive Canon Remote Switch RSN3 is the more affordable option for you.

Was this article helpful? Author of this post: Unless you specify a specific interval, the exposures will be taken at one-second intervals. To cancel this function, press and hold the Display Illuminator Button for at least three seconds until the Hold indicator disappears.


Sign in with Facebook Sign in with LinkedIn. The exposure count digits will begin to blink.

Setting a Time Amount 1. Zach Wise at www. The basic reason for using a remote release is to release the camera shutter without causing movement or vibration to the camera. Set the camera to bulb mode when using this feature. If your camera has a removable N3 port cover, it can be plugged into a small hole in the back of the TCN3.

The camera will immediately take the first exposure.

Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 Review

The Self-timer icon will start caon and the time display will count down. You must set the camera’s shutter to Bulb Botherwise the camera will shoot bedjenungsanleitung until the exposure time you have set expires or you run out of exposures, whichever comes first. The cord length is 2.

January 8, To release the button, slide it back to its original position. Once a time unit has been registered it will no longer blink. Self-Timer Interval Timer Long Exposure Control Exposure Count Control Use the Self-Timer function to delay the start of an exposure for a specific length of time — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Canon Knowledge Base – QuickGuide to Canon TCN3 Timer/Remote Controller

The interval timer allows pictures to be continuously captured with the set amount of delay between them — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. If the time interval is less than the recycle time the shutter will not release until the flash unit has recycled. The exposure will start, the icon will blink and the exposure time will begin to count down. At least one of my Canon TCN3 remote controllers are with me if I am traveling with a tripod and quite often one is in use when I am using a tripod.


Press the Jog Dial to register the number of exposures. This remote release requires no smart phone, tablet or other computer to make it work.

Your e-mail will be stored with cinema5D. The TCN3 will count down the number of exposures. This instant release button is always available and can be slid forward while depressed to lock in the depressed state called “running lock” which hold the shutter open if the camera is in Bulb mode. When the time unit you wish to set is blinking, turn the Jog Dial to the amount you want.

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