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The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

Evolution of Wages during the Crisis Observatory: Cao-lonen per maand incl. The survey of Tijdens e.

Separate measures are oriented at employers with employees with a disability. In the Dutch situation, the current government believes that work in itself will help unemployed or vulnerable groups. Other changes forms of rewards, working time revisions, changes in work organization, training opportunities have been very limited. Growth accounts; basic figures. The government started blocking most of the wage increases in the different sector of the public administration: Evidence, trends and explanations.


Industry construction industry excluded ; production, turnover, sales, SBI Also, to give more temporal flexibility, the working weeks could have a bandwidth of 30 to 42 hours. Public administration is the highest user of performance related pay; the other sectors are about the same.

Part-time 24,2 24,8 25,5 26,1 26,5 7 Notes: The top quarter of the households earn four times more than the lowest quarter of the households. Geraadpleegd september via epp. Inthe wage growth slowed down because of the crisis. Yearly changes 4b CBS Statline.

The growth accounts show what the input is of the different production sources to economic growth. Figures delivered by CBS. The Industry is oriented at transforming materials into new products. But the IWI has the responsibility to take care 208 wages are not paid under minimum levels. This might indicate the difficulty for these employers to attract candidates for their jobs.


The sector contains all new constructions, repairs, smaller rebuilding, the construction of prefabricated buildings or constructions; or constructions which are local or temporarily in nature. In the s, the percentage of workers receiving such a bonus was under 30 percent. But this was already the case before the crisis.

Their conclusion is that real pre-tax wage inequality has increased slightly across different dimensions, especially at the top of the wage distribution. The performance pay helps to make jobs more attractive. Only inofficial CLA-s did show a negative trend, but this was compensated by more income from social premiums De Jong, Economic growth was expected to shrink in the beginning of 0.

The amount of employees having experienced a salary increase is clearly higher than in the rest of Europe.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

cso During the negotiations, it became quite clear that the employers were not prepared for any pay rise what so ever. The time period is until the latest available year. The CPB examined in detail which factors contributed to this unexpected and extraordinary result De Jong, When working in a crisis-hit organisation, full-time employees are more likely to be working in an organisation adjusting its permanent workforce and they are more likely to face a downward basic wage adjustment.

The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. In the agreement of December 1 strunning until April, 1 stthe social partners agreed upon the principle that workers would receive an extra 3.


The degree in which income inequalities become bigger, the higher the Theil coefficient. Klinmetaal – De loonkloof tussen mannen en vrouwen. A limited number of sectors have experimented with a trade-off between wages and working times.

Yearly report Labour Inspectorate Sociaaleconomische trends1e kwartaal, Full-time 48,7 50,5 51,8 52,8 53,5 7 2.

This registry contains all employees with a job at companies or organizations in The Netherlands with income tax or premium obligations.

Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. This trend was already started before the crisis.

There seems to be a relationship between full time and wage adjustment. Veilig, gezond en eerlijk werk, Den Haag: Ileinmetaal trends3e kwartaal. They wanted to give employers with difficulties, some more room for manoeuvre.

The position of the trade unions was to have a wage rise in and This report gives some insight into the use of variable pay and financial participation. Arbeidsmarkt, ongelijkheid en de crisis. The EWCS data also shows a very little association between having had training and having a salary increase.

This is not completely what we are looking for, but this can give some insight into the Dutch situation. This would mean that the room for further improvement of wages has dissipated during kleinmetzal crisis. Thirdly, employers had the possibility to limit the rise in the incidental wage-part: To accommodate the request for more flexibility on a daily basis, the working day was broadened to 7.

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