Ann Laura Stoler’s Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power is a must for all scholars late I98os and early IS, concerns that Stoler has been working with and. Ann Stoler. Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule. Berkeley: University of California Press, xi + pp. $ . Review of Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule by Ann Laura Stoler.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Here, we see how perceptions play such a vital role in the colonial project. Stoler considers governance of the intimate sphere – of sex, of marriage, of child-rearing – as a critical site for understanding race and for understanding what colonization looked at and how it was accomplished.

She questions colonizer colonized relationships, especially in the realm of the intimate. Thus Stoler argues that taxonomic, community-based, and gendered orientations shaped the way the Dutch and other empires saw the natives. Of course, she does not mention German colonialism which may or may not have employed eugenics.

Carnal knowledge and imperial power | Modernism and Empire

Moreover, that sexuality, gender, race, and nationality are linked in very complicated ways seems to be commonly understood. Dinah W rated it it was amazing Jun 21, The interviews themselves question the hegemony of colonialism in the lives of those colonized, particularly as Western historians understand it.

The underlying power relation between scholar and subject matter is never once altered: Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Knowlefge By broadening her scope too much in the preface, she leaves out the untold histories of those not involved in the Dutch colonization of the East Indies.

Her acute analysis of colonial Indonesian society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries yields insights that translate to a global, comparative perspective. Want to Read saving…. It was, after all, in the intimate sphere of home and servants that European children learned what they were required to learn imperiql place and race.


Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule

As a result, this gave rise to efforts to ensure the image of white supremacy was upheld via eugenization and racial purity preserved by frowning upon miscegenation and concubinage. She draws on taxonomic classifications of people championed by Edward Said a criticism of familial love conflated with a nationalist agenda.

Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Knowlesge In the case of concubinage, the perception is manipulated in order to justify the action of banning it. Oct 12, Sam Grace rated it it was amazing Recommended to Sam by: Although novels and memoirs position European women as categorically absent from the sexual fantasies of European powfr, these very men imagined their women to be desired and seductive figures to others.

Contending that social classification is not a benign cultural act but a potent political one, Stoler shows that matters of the intimate were absolutely central to imperial politics. Again, she does not use specific examples from all the global powers of this time period.

Excellent analysis of the subject matter. It’s funny how so few people write a review on this here although many have read this. First of all, I disagree with Stoler, and find that the sexual domination of Oriental women is far from merely symbolic. By introducing the issues of race, sexuality, and intimacy into the study of colonialism, or the interactions of Europeans with the indigenous stoelr in their households and in their personal or sex lives, Stoler offers a fresh look at the European colonial experience, in which the line between the colonizers and the colonized carnnal significantly blurred.


Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule by Ann Laura Stoler

Dec 20, Saadik Bhanbhro rated it really liked it. Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule. Selected pages Title Page. It was easier to classify people that way. Theresa rated it impeeial was amazing May 04, On the surface it is a stereotypical depiction, yet it also bears interesting departures from the usual object of male European fantasy. Marie rated it really liked it Jan 13, She is a devastating writer – I have many pages ijperial with hearts by lines I love.

Oct 20, morning Os rated it really liked it Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet.

About Ann Laura Stoler. Lists with This Book.

She relies repeatedly on worlds like The books reads like a literature review knowledte scholarly work on European colonialism and the organization of intimate relations during the 18thth century.

Jan 18, DoctorM rated it really liked it Shelves: Gender-specific sexual sanctions, too, were squarely at the heart of imperial rule, and European anv was asserted in terms of national and racial virility. Seb rated it really liked it Mar 09, University of California Pr Amazon. Study, understanding, knowledge, knwledge, masked as blandishments to “harmony”, are instruments of conquest. Rannald Sim rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Maybe it’s just me, I am certainly already predisposed to close examinations of the sites and frames she discusses, but the fact that I’ve been assigned this book three times in as many years suggests otherwise.

She also draws on sentiments expressed in literature.

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