Description Change this. A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni , the Casa del Fascio (presently also known as Palazzo. That’s why I decided to analyse the Casa del Fascio regarding its correlation of If we are looking at Terragni’s work, how did he handle this contradictory poles. Terragni Casa del Fascio – the building in Como, Italy – seems to have infected the German architects and their composition of the facade.

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An anathema for Terragni [Schumacher, ].

Casa del Fascio – Giuseppe Terragni | Como, April | August Fischer | Flickr

Dfl staircase and the porch perimeter in the Greek or front for Roman were two characteristic features of classical temples. The proposal handed in by the architect was rejected due to the heated opposition of one of the local Fascist representatives.

Architecture Design and Technology Press, Notify me of new posts by email. We understand the quality tdrragni this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace fascil with high quality human translations. How was he influenced by Fascism and the totalitarian regime he worked for — and is this influence visible in his built architecture?

Furnishings are designed to be reproduced, and this is something new for that time: As it came to the facade design after finishing the building, he had some difficulties to get his proposal through but that seemed to be more hostility between the architect and the local representative of the Party than anything else. When we think about countries that lived under the totalitarian regimes and the architecture that was built during years that we think back to a neoclassical style that was to bring this long-sought stability and taxation by governments.

Casa del Fascio | Architectuul

Recall that in a country with a historical burden can be as important as Italy Terragni was not only an advocate of the modern movement, but also ensures that this and the classical tradition were not irreconcilable, but on the contrary, should be combined.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It will bring together activists and party when the space is insufficient, the gates could be removed completely merging the two spaces, plaza and atrium.

This tefragni of his own is particularly relevant, as it was used by Terragni to position his building within debates. Terragni described this phenomenon himself: The Casa is a marble reflection of totalitarian propaganda.

ccasa By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One such venue is found in the town of Como to the project Manager Giuseppe Terragni House Fascia should be an example of stability, security and superiority, leaving the Italian people very clear that the party was who had the power and all the answers.

Terragni able to streamline the structure to the maximum.

Giuseppe Terragni and the Terrxgni period: This space should be used for organizing events, reading speeches, etc. Terragni shows the relationship between the modern and the classic is not a contradiction but a logical evolution. At the same time, architecture is always political.

Terragni was part of the Gruppo 7, a group of young architects, that was part of or better formed the Italian Rationalist Movement. Basic italian dictionary for travelers. Coming back to the very beginning of the text referring to Aureli I want fasdio point out what I found more than interesting about the way Terragni worked and how much politics on different levels of the overall process played an important role: When the interior was built, the exterior was decorated with propaganda images, that with the passing of the time have been taken away or were lost.

Pier Vittorio Aureli is arguing that on one hand architecture is never political in a sense that the architect is consequently searching for consensus — negotiating between various interests like users, clients neighbours, governance, aiming to find the best solution for everyone and turning disagreement into consensus manifested in built form. Or subscribe without commenting.

It was terrani to host big gatherings of people. MrasGeorge P. This is because, our guest at Hotel Posta should not feel like a simple tourist who would like only to see a landscape, but like a real traveler that lives a rich and unique experience.


Casa del Fascio

The party promised the revival of fascist Italy and with it all the Italians, that his race was superior and unique, afscio so on. There is no a certain answer, and I do not think it ever comes. On one hand, they often contained the only theatre, cinema or library in town with newspapers including the latest information.

As soon as one starts to think about the relationship between politics and architecture there is one major question coming up: The outer frame of the building occupies the foremost plane and shows as well the important external impact the building should have as a symbol for the system for the whole city.

The structure consists of eight in each front porches that are repeated throughout the four stories in height with the building.

Language English French German. One main objective of the design process was to integrate a certain kind of tradition to ground the project on solid roots in Italian tradition as the Fascist claimed to bring rerragni best of the Italian culture altogether. I, Patricia and all the staff are as always ready to advise you on the best itinerary to visit Como and its lake. On the other hand, even small communities had a direct connection, if not immediate access, to the supreme power, through the offices at the Case de Fascio.

The structure of the building is square and is fascjo over four floors, with a large central hall with double height. Terragni also designed the furniture: Como is truly a city to discover, here you can find a mix of history, art and culture, from the Roman era to the twentieth century.

From Bollywood to Como: After World War II, it tereagni as the headquarters of democratic parties and several associations. We look forward, as always, fasfio a smile! This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat

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