CASTI Guidebook ASME B Process Piping CASTI Publishing Inc. – Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J7 Canada Tel:() Fax:(). CASTI Guidebook to Asme B has 1 rating and 0 reviews: CD-ROM. CASTI Guide to Asme B – Process Piping (The Practical Guide Book Series) By Glynn E. Woods, Roy B. Baguley.

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Most examination requirements are applicable to welds, but examinations may also be necessary for other items including castings and bends. Design Conditions Design Pressure and Temperature The design pressure shall be based on the highest pressure the piping system will experience. This goal is achieved through putting into place a set of engineering requirements deemed necessary for safe design and construction of piping systems.

However, the search would be considerably less difficult if the user understood the following basic layout of Table A These fluid categories and pressure concern are: Loss of power to homes on a cold winter night is an example of a reason to have very high plant reliability in B The code for Pressure Piping has emerged much the same way as the pressure vessel code.

Those that can be judged adequate by comparison with previously analyzed systems, and 3. One answer to this question is to: A second edition was released in These topics and methods of analysis are presented in Chapter 3 – Wind Loads and Earthquake.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B31.3: Process Piping

Trade Names and Proprietary Designations Trade names are used by manufacturers to uniquely identify their materials and products. A few of the more spectacular explosions will be mentioned.


However, there is one consideration for which the explanation should be expanded. In Brockton, Massachusetts on March 20,the R.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B31.3 – Process

When Must the Items Be Examined? This permits equations to be written in dimensionless format so when consistent units are used, the units may be either from the foot-pound or the metric system.

These generic descriptors are typically located toward the top left and right sides of each page of the table, just below the table header. Systems of uniform size that have no more than two anchor points, no intermediate restraints, and fall within the limitation of the equation: Another graph covering that stress and cycle range would have to be selected to address cycle life of that lower stress range.

The designer must determine the mill under-run tolerance for the manufacturing process and add that tolerance to the guidebolk value before making the purchase. The left columns of Tables 7. Allowable Stress Range B Their knowledge was inadequate as evidenced by the numerous boiler explosions that occurred. How then does one analyze a vibrating pipe? The Code is clear as to which piping systems require an analysis; all systems require an analysis with the exception of b3.3 following: We would like to hear from you.

Nevertheless, efficient use of B The loss of life ran twice this rate – over 7, people were killed. Also, note that minimum tangent lengths may be required for bend manufacturing purposes e. Design temperature method of determination other than fluid temperature is permitted provided this temperature is established by heat transfer calculation procedures consistent with industry practice.


Since he has been involved with pipe pressure and fatigue analysis, support design, and ccasti of piping systems and components to insure their adequacy for the intended service and piping code requirements. When must the items be examined? For example, a weld could be examined by the ultrasonic method using a shear wave technique, where the sound beam propagates in a shear wave mode.

Items requiring examination depend upon fluid service.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B – Process

With more than 20 years of domestic and international experience with consulting engineers and operating acsti, Mr. These experiences have provided the practical engineering background needed to write this guidebolk.

Here, the safety of the general public is affected. Fabrication may be performed in the shop or in the field. It is the owners responsibility to specify the fluid service category for each piping system.

High pressure piping rules are not applicable to Category M Fluid Service.

In high pressure piping, this Code compliance shall be presented in the form of a written report, summarizing the results of the design analysis and the designer shall certify compliance with the B That is, longitudinal principal stress must be less than 1. However, with all ro legislation by the states, no two had the same rules.

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