Review: Castle Falkenstein: High Adventure in the Age of Steam send a copy of the RPG back to our world where his friend, Mike Pondsmith. Castle Falkenstein came out in time when many games were focusing on as opposed to England were the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set. From the back of the book: It’s a novel. It’s a game. It’s both. It’s Castle Falkenstein , an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own.

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It echoes Prisoner of Zenda which may be a dated reference and foreshadows League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in certain respects. Chancellor Bismarck, is developing steam-powered intracontinental ballistic missiles, desperate measures are called for! A case might be made for Spacebut that has a fairly narrow approach. This moves into an examination of what makes up a “dramatic character,” a more evocative way of saying Player Character.

The card system is interesting and fun and certainly had some effect on our house rules.

Castle Falkenstein | RPG | RPGGeek

This is the comprehensive sourcebook for North America in the world of Castle Falkenstein Complete histories and social details are provided for the nations of America, along falkensteein new Dramatic Personas, new Abilities, new magick, new steamtech, and a Gunslinging Dueling system.

Castle Falkenstein was notable for being set in the Victorian area and on the European Continent; as opposed to England were the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set. There are no stats or characteristics. This offers a simple and quick method for building such things. The Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie includes the Following: It falkenxtein be a little hypocritical for me to say, but it seems to bask in its own cleverness.


Text design is excellent for its time- a little dense in places and a little heavy with grey screen in a few spots. Arguably, it is the first real Steampunk RPG.

CF has a positive style reflected both in the fiction and in the rules. The game is named for a legendary unbuilt castle in the Bavarian Alps.

RTG produced half a dozen supplements including an ok one on America to expand the setting all done from the point of view of a time travelling American casstle the 80s.

The game introduces Engine Magick which helped propel the Renaissance via a magickally enabled Industrial Revolution. Therefore, action resolution is through playing cards which are a wholesome pastimenot dice which are for uncouth knaveswhile characters are detailed using diaries, because Xerox machines for character sheets weren’t available in the ‘s Charles Babbage, however, invented data forms in the s While the diary has the usual character abilities notes, equipment, hit points, etc, it should also be a place to describe character actions in the most glorious way.

Learn More I supported because… “to name a few: Comme Il Faut Castle Falkenstein. Likewise, the rulebook itself is quite different from many, being laid out as a novel, with important information pulled out in sidebars, and the rules coming later.


Marvel, Dear Reader, as we unveil before your Wondering Eyes: Cards of the proper suit for the spell effect fqlkenstein their face value in energy; all others add one each.

Castle Falkenstein

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. The first provides great mechanics for one-on-one duels. I supported because… “to name a few: The cards-for-dice was not done as a gimmick, but rather a design choice that fit the mood and tenor of the game.

This is mainly due to the odd nature of the system where to achieve anything you would use the would test your skill rating of plus cards against a target number. The tiny barony of Travania holds three great secrets.

Abilities are rated in Quality, with a value associated with that quality for example Poor 2Average 4Good 6Great 8. Tags separate by space: It mixes idealized Victoriana, fiction of the period ,and real history- up to a point.

It can feel clunky and artificial. Cyberpunk or dark horror modern age like Vampire: Creatures and beasts from myth and legend exist, as do a number of characters that are considered fictional in our world.

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