Consult iGuzzini’s entire NEW – catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Catalogues. Our main catalogue, The Product Book, and the second part of the year update, Topics&Tools. Catalogues. Product brochures. Documentation for. External iGuzzini. This catalogue presents the range of external products For further information on all the other iGuzzini fittings go to.

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Pixel Pro LEDWatch the product videoPixel Pro was an attempt at shaping dynamism and with the use of new LED technology, the line takes a step forward in defining the future of lighting design.

Led Tube provides a useful alternative to achieve perfectly straight lines of light, by simplifying the installation both inside furniture, such as shelves, glass cabinetsand showcases, but also inshelves on walls and ceilings. This product has been designed and developed for architects; a range of lights pared down to their simplest expression.

MidnightMidnight recognition recognitionSwitchSwitch on on hours hours regulation regulation period period66 regulation regulation regulation regulation period period period period Thanks to the asymmetrical optics it produces a light distribution which is particularly suitable for pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes.

iGuzzini interior/exterior novelties – [PDF Document]

With this goal in 201, we restructured the www. Cosmo – Jose CristianiPhotography: All fittings feature an electronic control gear. To the activity as a designer Enzo Eusebi associated over the years an intense work of study and critical reflection on the themes of social and sustainable architecture; he has held lectures and conferences with numerous organizations and institutions. This allows for a homogenous and highly efficient light surface with fewer LEDs for further savings in energy consumption.

The active dissipation versions 30W – lm integrate a highly dissipating cooling fan designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum. New technology and the spread of luminous diodes represents a further great revolution which was unthinkable even just a few years ago.

Enzo Eusebi – Wikipedia

Manufactured in very thin aluminium profile; thermoplastic end caps. But what happens when the context changes? At the heart of the project is once again the focus on light pollution, resulting in a flow that does not spill over the screen, but is aimed downwards. The iN30 system has 2021 its range of solutions by introducing new LED versions, which allow setups of lighting solutions that adorn the space with continuous fine lines, but at the same time are proper general lighting solutions.


The operating costs of the system have been reduced with the use of energy saving and long lasting LEDs. Some have an extremely high colour quality and are particularly suitable for museums and galleries, where the balance of nuances cannot be even slightly altered in order to preserve the correct perception and enjoyment of works of art.

Thomas Aquinas ethic is eudemonistic, that is it is an ethic of happiness [ A diffused light optic, 20012 with the innovative use of LEDs, has been designed for jguzzini areas, catalkgo contributes to creating a comfortable environment free of glare, with softened lights, very similar to the effect achieved with indirect lighting. A museum is not only the space in which works of art are exhibited, but also the environment where the artist and spectator meet.

Available catalgoo spot, suspension, wall mounted and floor versions. Esmeraldapiso 6 – of.

The intention is to use smaller products, in larger numbers, rather than ituzzini single luminaire. A great deal of research went into finding an LED lamp with a light spectrum able to enhance warm colours in a similar manner to halogen lamps, but absolutely free of ultraviolet and infrared emissions.

If we consider light cataloho in a room, LED lamps can also be mounted in wall-washer luminaires for uniform lighting of the walls, a handy device for being able to freely position works of art on the vertical surfaces, deciding whether or not to leave the higher sections of the walls in the shadow.

LEDs significantly improve jguzzini colour rendering index IRC, that is the ability of a source to maintain the colour of an object it illuminates unalteredand it has been proven that a light with constant IRC provides better lighting of a road surface and any dangers holes, animals and obstacles in generalthus improving safety.

Die-cast aluminium optical assembly; sodium-calcium sealing glass, 5 mm thick, or in opaline polycarbonate for versions with SC optic, siliconed to frame that closes the LED compartment with screws. Streets bring together both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, each one with its own requirements in terms of light quality.

Available in suspended, ceiling mounted, and recessed versions.

iGuzzini 2012 interior/exterior novelties

For information and updates on compatibility of the light sources with the ttings illustrated in this catalogue, reference must be made to the instructions sheets that can bedownloaded from the e-catalogue at www.

Optical assembly, ceiling base, arm wall mounted version and frame in die-cast aluminium alloy; cover in thermoplastic material for wall-mounted arm down-light ; transparent tempered sodium-calcium sealing glass, 4mm thick, siliconed cayalogo frame.


Novelty catalogue of iGuzzini lamps Moreover, the body of the lamp is constructed using various independent modules which makes the replacement of LEDs an easy task. DesignPiano design73exampleexample of of customised customised of of customised of of light light emission emissionTheThe light light flow flow of of the the of of the of of fitting fitting can can be be totally totallyprogrammedprogrammed directly directly on on the the product product driver.

WowThe underlying theme and credo of iGuzzinis street lighting solutions is environmental sustainability.

Enzo Eusebi

Available in the single square and rectangular versions with 2 and 3 catslogo and perimeter rim. Inaki Alday, Margarita JoverLighting project: Versions with latest generation discharge lamps with integrated electronic control gear except for HIT – G12 models ; available in versions with high performing optics ECA compliance.

TheThe fitting fitting also also features features a a variable variable power power function. Enzo Eusebi in Fitting complete with electronic control gear or DALI. Available in two sizes.

Reduced dimensions, careful control of light distribution, easy installation in continuous lines, and high energy efficiency are the basic features of the new iN30 LED versions. Reflectors in silver aluminium available with 6 different light distributions. Eusebi studied engineering and architecture at the Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona.

It seems, therefore, an extremely efcient tool to highlight and exalt architectonic spaces. This enhancement of the value of colour is also achieved through the choice of colour temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin, depending on the shades for saturation: BOX 11 KoiceTel. Originally conceived as a set of simple cubes, inspired by childrens toys, the design strives to preserve the geometry of that shape, so that performance is the distinctive feature.

The luminaires in the iGuzzini collection are designed in conformance with European standards EN and more specic ones, therefore meeting these requirements in full, including the maximum temperatures allowed and considering the ambient temperature to be 25C.

Careful study of the optics allows realization of general lighting levels, normally required indoors, while simultaneously eliminating glare, especially in working areas that incorporate video monitors.

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