Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format without dimensions -, dxf 99KB. Aug 2, Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format with dimensions in mm, dxf 97KB. Aug 2, , Aprimatic is Urmet S.p.A.’s The WHITE section of the catalogue presents ,56 / ,56 / ,80 /

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Toan Nguyen

These features make it unique in udmet market of window operators. Electronic operator in aluminium casing with straight-arm linear movement. If any delay in delivery of the Products occurs through the fault of the Purchaser, any possible increase in the price of the Products which may have occurred since the confirmation of the order relating to the Products shall be borne solely by the Purchaser. All Aprimatic products bear the mark aprimatic. Irreversible motor for a maximum power during the closing.

Toan Nguyen founded his own studio in Milan insubsequently embarking on a series of successful collaborations with major brands worldwide such as: The wall-mounted photocells with a metre range can also be welded onto a post. The units are catalofo to install and do not require specialised skills or masonry work.

To charge buffer batteries up to 4. Control unit on board of the operator, with full self-learning configuration. The firm is also active in the sector of corporate communication, handling projects of coordinated image, installations and graphics.

AT 50 application requires a rebalancing of the door see instructions. The terms of fatalogo are just an indication and have no contractual value.


Product detail – Salone del Mobile Milano

An additional anti-crushing card can be connected as an optional for gate auto reverse if an obstacle is detected during gate closing. The standard hydraulic slowing down system in the closing non-adjustable allows a soft approach of the wings, silently and without mechanical stress to the structure; The slowing down can be electronically adjustable. Product dimensions are designed to be as compact as possible to ensure an installation that blends with the rest of the building.

This type of system is used in long and narrow spaces where the gate slides during opening and closing. Cancel and disable memory module codes. Simple installation with brackets secured to the gate. Complete with serial cable for connection to a PC or to the Apritool configuration tool.

The information shown in all Aprimatic publications is provided for information purposes only and is subject to modification at any time without prior warning.

Il dispositivo puo gestire 2 posti esterni AudioVideo o posto esterno AudioVideo piu servizio intercomunicante in commutazione automatica. A substantial number of whose creations have been awarded prestigious international prizes.

F or more devices, see the section “Control units and Indicators” in this catalogue refer to the initial index. An easy-to-use manual release device ensures gate operation in the event krmet a power supply failure. They operate with 12V and 201 power supply. Silent and resistant thanks to the belt drive. Compact and aesthetically pleasing aluminium profile covers, available in natural, anodised silver and anodised black versions. Worm screw gear motor with aluminium body and on-board electronic control unit.


All delivery dates given shall be deemed as purely indicative and non-binding. Engine equipped with a 1.

Tick the box matching the model and catalgoo you wish to order. Aprimatic automation systems are designed for connection of all types of infrared beam photocells, ensuring greater safety for the user.

Aprimatic offers a wide range of automation solutions for sliding doors. ONDA – with mechanical clutch for anti-crushing safety without on-board electronic control unit. Plug-in installation on Aprimatic control units. Sensitive edge used to prevent the risk of crushing due to electric door movement. Consisting of many cstalogo panels hinged together. For automation systems in private areas, instead, the user is usually instructed.

Mechanical limit stop adjustment. This does not apply to adhesive seals; which are sold exclusively in packs of 50 metres. Made of polycarbonate, they have a high degree of mechanical resistance to impacts. It is virtually invisible and does not affect the gate design style. Kit for swing gates, with hydraulic operator without lock on openings and closing. It can be secured to the ground both via a fixed and a tilting support.

New technology brushless motor for greater durability, reducing the frequency of maintenance. Very high resistance to shocks and stress during operation thanks to the ductile cast iron body.

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