Buy Catan Expansion: Seafarers: Hose Reels – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Catan: Seafarers, or Seafarers of Catan in older editions, (German: Die Seefahrer von Catan) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan for three. Find great deals on eBay for Catan Seafarers in Miscellaneous Board and Traditional Games. Shop with confidence.

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Catan Seafarers

Unlike road pieces, ships may be moved. When playing with the “Seafarers” expansion, you must ensure that certain actions applying to roads are also possible tor ships. Each scenario describes the rules for how to seafares these chits.

A shipping line that is not anchored at both ends by different settlements can seafaregs move the last ship at the open end, although this can only be done once per turn and may not be done with any ships that were created on the same turn.

Seafarers Game Rules

To assemble the frame for a Seafarers scenario, you have to use the six frame pieces from Catan and the Seafarers frame pieces. Swafarers use the six Catan frame pieces, you need to turn them over so that the all-sea sides are face up—you do not use the harbors that are printed on those frame pieces.

Build ships, set sail, and conquer the magnificent island world of Catan. Now five to six players can sail into the uncharted and explore and settle the mysterious islands near Cataan

Many of the scenarios have goals other than expanding your principality. Remember that you can only connect a road to a shipping route if there is a settlement or a city at the intersection where the two meet. If a player has more than one ship adjacent to that sea hex, you are only allowed to steal one card from that player.

Alexander and Cheops Troy and Great Wall.

Catan – Seafarers Expansion |

Heading for New Shores, a player earns 2 victory point eeafarers when he builds his first settlement on one of the smaller islands. The gold field hexes represent regions rich in gold nuggets. Shipping routes act the same way as roads for expanding your principality.


Some scenarios have extra rules encompassing the concept of exploration, which is done by having the hex tiles placed face down. As normal, each settlement is entitled to 1 resource, while each city is entitled to 2 resources.

Besides, combining them doesn’t make much sense anyway. New World is a scenario that blankets all other scenarios that may be created from the parts of Settlers and Seafarers.

You have the longest trade route. First, you head for new shores. Each scenario sesfarers this book includes an illustration that shows how the board should be built. In Seafarers, certain scenarios contain no desert hexes. You might even discover the precious gold fields a very valuable new terrain.

Die Seefahrer von Catan is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan for three to four players sfafarers play is also possible with both of the respective five-to-six-player extensions.

When you build a new ship, place it adjacent to a coastal settlement or a ship you have already built. Inside these frames, you lay out always varying combinations of islands, using the hexes of the Catan base game and additional hexes of the expansion set – either as shown in the scenario diagrams or according to your own imagination.

You need Catan aka The Settlers of Catan in order to use this. If you use a settler ship, you reach a new building site for a settlement faster and more cost-effectively than when stringing together various ships.

The board starts off with a portion of the seafarere left blank: There can only be one ship OR one road along any given coastal hex side see the Catan rules on road building.

Catan: Seafarers Player Extension |

The map is divided into two islands, Catan and Transcatania. Articles containing German-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October The scenario was previously available for older editions as a downloadable scenario but only in Germantitled Coffee for Catan.


To build a ship, expend 1 wool resource to make sails and 1 lumber resource to build hulls and masts. Do not use the smaller harbor tokens from the Catan game when playing with the Seafarers expansion!

If a knight stands on an intersection that is bordered by the last ship of a shipping route, that shipping route is closed. The pirate can affect the game in three ways:. Please click here for more information on possible combinations. Players win resources if they are able to fend off the pirate attack which depends on the number rolled by the dice, as well as the number of warships in the defending player’s possession; warships are created from using Knight cards on existing shipsbut lose resources if they are unsuccessful.

With two exceptions, in “Seafarers” the rules for ship building are the same as for road building. The additional rules include:.

Players may not expand into the outlying islands, but by building ships so that they border the outlying islands, players may be awarded with victory points, development cards, or harbors that players may place on the coast of the main island at a later time. You can build new pieces anywhere that is connected to your network of roads and shipping routes. Heading to New Shores New Shores in older editions is the scenario resembling Teuber’s original design for the game. Any flaws are pictured as best as possible.

The first exception is that roads may not be built on sea routes and ships may not be built on paths. The rule according to which the robber must not be moved until the barbarians have reached Catan for the first time also applies to the pirate who is obviously not in the desertprovided that he is included in the scenario.

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