CC are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for CC CC datasheet, CC circuit, CC data sheet: TI – True System-on- Chip with Low Power RF Transceiver and MCU,alldatasheet, datasheet. CC PRELIMINARY Data Sheet (Rev. ) SWRSA. Page 1 of True System-on-Chip with Low Power RF Transceiver and

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At this point you are supposed to dagasheet a Windows-only toolkit to use the cc-debugger. Once you’ve done this you will never be able to load a Ciseco firmware back onto the module.

This isn’t essential but highly recommended as the XRF has 2mm spaced pins and wont fit into a standard breadboard with 2. The wire colours in my photo match my diagram above.

Hi, I think the device in that ebay link probably would work. Firstly, this includes the libraries for the cc chip.

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I have updated this to show the correct connections. The debugger itself will supply power from pin 9 to the XRF and the level select pin so no other power source is needed. In this post are my notes on what was datadheet to write, compile and upload my own firmware to a Ciseco XRF module which is based on a TI CC chipset.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Bi0H4z4rD 15 August at After a bit of searching I did find code that someone has written to allow the debugger to be used from Linux and it’s hosted on github.

Post as a guest Name. A Ciseco XRF module.

I’ve got more source code here: Unfortunately the Ciseco bootloader was their own which they never released in any shape or form. Do you think you instructions will work on something like this: I’ve re-worked fatasheet the rf register settings now and have also borrowed a windows laptop in order to use SmartRF Studio to compare with.

| WOR Mode for the TI CC

This is the device for burning the firmware onto the XRF module or any compatible datssheet. I’ve also been looking for a replacement for the SRF which I use. The pins of the cc are grouped into “ports” which can have 8 pins in each one.

Unless someone figures out their bootloader but I suspect it requires some kind of encryption key in order to use it. This is to protect their IP since it’s easy for someone to copy the hardware but unfortunately makes it difficult to keep using existing systems now they’ve gone out of business. I used the following ‘make’ file that I found on the Internet and edited a bit: Here is some c code which I wrote to do this: Paul Hayes 17 August at It is possible that Ciseco will do this for you if you post the module back to them but they may not be interested in doing that.


Strange that it works though. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on newer ones though. That’s it, your LED should now be flashing! I have an Easy programmer from Mikroelektronika which uses the Flash software as shown below:.

Would be good just to find a simple “hello world” transmit and receive darasheet somehwere. I have an Easy programmer from Mikroelektronika which uses the Datasheeet software as shown below: The following settings configure the radio to mhz. Datsheet it’s your makefile that included some datasheeet config that I haven’t applied. The important one will be called “test.

Gadjet Nut 25 December at Gadjet Nut 4 December at After using the Linux compiler and your makefile it works well! Paul Hayes 5 December at Where did you learn about programming the CC?

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