CCR Trimix Simplified by Mel Clark Published by Silent Scuba LLC Book Review by Joel Silverstein I split from DEMA Friday afternoon for a. Rebreather trimix explained in simple terms. Designed to be used by students with little or no previous trimix experience, for normoxic and. CCR Trimix isn’t that different to OC Trimix, I think it’s easier (as I commented on ” Trimix Simplified” thread). When I did my first CCR Trimix cert.

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Mel Clark’s expertise really shines in this, her second text on the subject of rebreathers. All times are GMT.

CCR Trimix Simplified

Results 1 to 6 of 6. The information is extremely accurate and she has not taken any liberties here.

Had a 30 hour trip home and read through the manual twice Once between Detroit and Tokyo, then again on the flight to Perth. Oh, and heliair is the diving equivalent of walking around with bog paper trailing from your shoe. At first glance it looks like this was started as a training manual for an agency but then jumps back to a practical text. She has done an outstanding job.

She combines practical applications of diving to the CCR with helium-based mixtures. Originally Posted by nickb. If it simllified get in without me going “huh? You mentioned CO2 as a throwaway comment – it needs to be expanded-on until people get tired hearing about it.


The time now is Originally Posted by JPTaylor.

This self-published page text is all but outstanding. Hello simplifies welcome to our community! The text is organized in nine chapters. No good movies on the plane Overall a great read on tmx and deep CCR diving.

Looks like another late night tonight. You also need to think about what you’ll use each cylinder well not O2 for?

Mel has taken the complicated subject of Trimix diving with CCR and simplified it so that you don’t leave off any section in wonder. I didn’t move to CCR as a gas-extender as a lot of people do; I did it primarily for the logistic advantages.

I am kicking myself I didn’t buy some more copies as I have had 5 pm’s from Aussies in the last couple of days asking if I have spares. A few typos here and there, some syntax simplifid, and some uses of acronyms in areas I would not have used them, simpliffied all be cleaned in the next production run.

She uses clear, concise examples when it comes to numbers and formulas that if all you ever learned in the past was basic Nitrox you can fully understand the direction and concepts being explained. I would highly recommend this manual to anyone that is thinking of getting into tmx and deeper diving on the CCR, its a good base to start and gives the basics to smplified a sound understanding on. All of the information is applicable to air – diluent CCR diving and open circuit diving.

CCR Trimix Simplified [CCRBook] – £ : Deep Ideas Ltd, Online Shop

John if you were to standardize on gas choices for simpliried and bailout for ranges down to m, what would they be as this is where I see some divergence from OC choice? It is non-unit specific though at times she will mention a Megladon or a Kiss unit which I suspect is because of her intimate knowledge of those units. Com Archive Privacy Statement Top.


This is a good post and I like it but I’m conscious that people could read it, and posts elsewhere, that make vcr that CCR trimix is simplifiedd, especially for those already trained to normoxic OC level. If you have an OC Trimix background this should cover it! Please amend, criticise as you wish!! Rich Pyle’s Learner’s Guide to Rebreather Diving is I think still one of the best things ever written on rebreather diving and should be but isn’t essential reading.

But, ccg information is applicable to all rebreathers whatever brand. But unless you’re prepared to go Alpinist, you are still limited to the available OC gas that’s on-hand and if shit happens that may well not be anywhere near enough to what you’d expect to use for a vanilla OC ascent.

CCR Trimix Simplified — Trijix Review Post man just deliverd my copy, looking forward to reading it later today, first glimps show a well put togeter colour manual.

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