Form 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after the draft To check if your name has been included in the electoral rolls, you can follow the steps. Disclaimer: Contents on this website is meant for searching only. Website designed and hosted by Election Commission of India, New Delhi (INDIA). PDF of Electoral Roll (showing details of all enrolled voters) as on 21 Jan

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Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of draft roll if your name is not included in the draft role and Form No.

For further details, please read our Comments Policy available over here. Firstly, even this application has to filled only once. On 17th April 11 seats will face election. No A person who is not a citizen of India cannot be registered as a voter.

That sounds pretty cool, orll You also need to mention the Name and Id number of a voter member of your family for reference. Doing so, the next page would ask you for the confirmation code to be entered. How many day required to receive me voter card?


I have submitted my application in form No 8 in Thesil jhansi fo correction of my father name but still not recived my new voter i card.

February 19, at You can search your application by name or by entering all your details like districtconstituency, part and form number. No If you are working in Uttar Pradesh and residing there, you are an ordinary resident of Uttar Pradesh in terms of Sec 19 b.


Please show serial no of voter list. The biggest example of the value addition to the name inclusion process is the voter id online initiative by the election commission.

Please visit our home pageor, use the search box in the top right corner. Is Chandigarh a Union territory or a capital city of Punjab and Haryana. Select District Step 3: CEO Uttar Pradesh sends army troops in certain sensitive areas to ensure that the elections are held without any external disruptions and people can vote freely without being scared of anyone.

The two great epics of India, Ramayana and Mahabharata, appear to have been inspired by Uttar Pradesh.

For further details, please read our Comments Policy available over here. Your Details will be displayed on the screen. February 19, at 6: Sir, I have submitted form oo1 in thesil dhanaura with documents after chalan fees deposit in sbi.

The Election Commission of India 2014 Voter ID Card Registration

Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I was allotted Part No. I submitted Form 6 on The same has not been delivered to date please let me know the position.

Select AC Step 4: In such ceouptemmp they would have to provide complete details about the previous registration. So lets sum up the question: After entering the confirmation code you received, you would be given access to the online version of the election commission of India form no.


Any mistakes or errors in the voter id details later can be rectified by filling a different election commission of India form Form 8 for correction of details. Please keep browsing the website.

Search your Name in Electoral Roll : Uttar Pradesh CEO –

For every constituency, there is a list of voters which is called electoral roll. Therefore all those voters who shift to another address that lies in a different constituency can also fill the voter id card form no.

Be patient and later you can check your name in the electoral list. January 12, at For that purpose, you have to visit the CEO website of your state. May 19, at 8: September 19, at 2: Not to mention the scale and quality of voter education campaigns run by this CEO office are considered among the best in the nation. You could very easily keep it in your wallet or a handbag and be assured that would not shrivel.

Only use your real name. This option could be found on the left side of the page.

I have applied for adding my name in voter list and submitted form 6. Which is the relevant date for determining the age qualification of 18 years? According to Section 19 of the R. January 30, at 1:

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