Charitar 71 is an auto-biographical tale presented in Sri Charitropakhyan composition present – English translations Archived February 2, , at the Wayback Machine. ^ Charitar 2, Sri Charitropakhyan, Dasam. Ath Pakhyan Charitar Likhyatey or Charitropakhyan also called Triya .. English Translation of Chritropakhyaan From Dasam Granth Vol I am a woman with two teenage daughters and I have recently finished reading the English translation of Charitropakhyan. The whole text of.

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Tale of Navjoban Devi Tale of Rani Dinket Mati Tale of Jhilmil Devi Tale of Sunder Devi Tale of Rit Raj Prabha Tale of Dudamb Devi Tale of Rajo Tale of A Weaver Synopsis [ edit ].

Tale of Parmud Sen Sign in Already have an account? Tale of Rani Mantar Kala Tale of Bang Devi Tale of A Wise Friend By mahandulai Started 18 hours ago.


Tale of Khanjan Devi Tale of Maal Mati Tale of Bhagwati Tale of Chaachar Mati Tale of Pachham Devi Tale of Chhab Maan Mati Tale of Bhaan Kala Just compare his tranlation to a Punjab translation of CharitroPakhyan puting them side by side and you will see that Bindra Jee who althoug is critical of the Bani but he did not try to mistranslate it as we can expect most critics of Charitro Pakhyan would do, for that I have to give Bindra Jee credit.

Tale of Nirpat Kala Tale of Amit Prabha Tale of Preet Kala Tale of Raj Devi Tale of Gumaan Mati Tale of Ras Tilak Manjri Tale of Nand Mati Tale of Raja Rasaloo and Rani Kokila Tale of Prakrit Mati Tale of Roshan Aara Tale of Geet Kala Tale of Shah Jallaal Tale of Bhaagwati Schools are brainwashing kids with liberal, feminist, left wing BS schools these days encourage kids to question their gender, and are told to celebrate LGBT stuff.


Tale of Parbin Devi hcaritropakhyan Tale of Gohra Rai Tale of Rani Birha Manjri Tale of Udhaypuri Begum Rudar Avtar incarnation of Shiv You are commenting as a guest. Tale of Shah Sikander Views Read Edit View history. Upload or insert images from URL. Tale of Anand Wati Tale of Rani Nisis Prabha Tale of Abdaal Mati Tale of Punjab Devi Tale chartropakhyan ani Krishna Kunwar Tale of Apoorab Devi Your content will need to be approved by a moderator.

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