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Moreover, much like Pahlaniuk, Roche is compellingly readable but ultimately disappointing. And that’s a rare thing.

Anal-sex having, booger eating, and hygiene-hating. She becomes a rather endearing person, as she reflects on her loveless family life and concocts a plan to get her estranged parents together. She does outrageous things to get a stir from them, but to no avail.

I don’t care what she says, hygiene is a good thing.

: Charlotte Roche: Books

Charlotts cheers to happy endings. Helen wages a personal war against the tampon industry by making her own, and in fact leaves one of these crafts behind in the elevator of the hospital.

And even more, I foche that Helen was in control of her sexuality, and having all the sex she wanted, when she wanted, with a thirst for the feeling part of life zoje she was determined to slake her own way — and that way was through her nearly shameless embracing of sex and her sexuality. You equate promiscuity with feminism – Yeah, this book is not going to help un-muddy those waters for you. If it had managed to mix in some pretty prose, or wittier writing then I’d be singing it’s praises from the rooves – but it did what it set out imide do, I think.

And suddenly all that cringe makes sense. Helen the main characterspeaks over charltte over about how repressed and ‘hygienic’ her mother and other women are, and I think she has a valid point. Read more Read less. And, mischievously, she also likes to have other people taste her ‘delicatessens’ without knowing. Yes, it made me feel a bit queasy at times, and Helen, our main protagonist, also did my head in sometimes with her ‘grown up’ thinking, but this was still a refreshing read.


As a result, being the hygiene freak that I am but had no idea until I read this bookI found Helen a very disgusting rcohe from the outset and it took me a while to warm up to her.

In our society, Germany and America and plenty of other Western countries included, we have such a fear and stigma attached to our bodies most basic functions periods, vaginal dischargeand it’s ridiculous! ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Charlotte Roche

Helen examines, and subsequently orally consumes, most of her excretions, from vaginal discharge to vomit. I opened ‘Wetlands’ expecting something terrible.

In truth, this book is both a tale of a troubled teenager, chsrlotte a reaction to the artificial and sanitized model of femininity of the cosmetic ads and glossy magazines covers.

I can’t even – Ok. I can only recommend this book to those with a strong constitution and possibly an even stronger stomach. Reading this book is like trying to avoid eye contact with the creepy man at a party who appears to have some sort of monstrous social disease. Not minelike a lion cub taking its first forays into game territory: And, in the end, I think the author proved the exact point she was trying to make as people especially women respo My friend pushed this book onto me, insisting that I read it.

You are thinking about getting a divorce – Helen pretty clearly seems to think all her problems would be solved if only her parents would get back together; so, unless you want your daughter to end up disgusting, you will make that relationship work.


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This is why I spent the whole book thinking ‘You know, I should really read ‘. And, in the end, I think the author proved the exact point she was trying to make as people especially women responded to this book with a one star rating. Those hygiene-crazed folks out there who use toilet seat covers and who use a paper towel to turn the handle of public restroom doors had better not read this book. Being sexually adventuresome is not some sort of fast-track for fem-street cred.

She stops short of coprophagia, even though she is convinced that her own bacteria cannot hurt her. Rochw your thoughts with other customers. Passare con disinvoltura dal Lei al tu shared a Page.

The stories Helen shared about things like spreading bacteria or what she did with avocado pits made me feel less like she was a strong woman with a ‘who-gives-a-crap’ attitude, and more like she was just a perverted toche Everyone says that this book is super gross.

To view it, This book featured on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine and I got it because I was morbidly attracted to the controversy and cringing sickness that the review highlighted. There were some parts that actually had me laughing out loud though, kind of in a Laurie Notaro-ridiculousness kind of way.

I can completely understand that This book was certainly ‘different’.

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