Chaupai Sahib Bani was composed by 10th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This Bani offers protection and security. Chaupai Sahib is the th Chittar of.

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He, the Primal Power, born of Himself is since the beginning sahhib beginning. The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, will get wisdom; That person will be absolved of suffering, pain or fear, who will even once recite this Chaupai-prayer.

Notify me of new comments via email. The limits of Your creation cannot be known, nor how in the beginning You wrought the Universes.

January 4, at 6: They remain protected at all times. November 6, at 7: He has blessed His devotees with all merits englidh happiness and destroys enemies [inner dis-hormony] instantaneously. All their enemies and sorrows are removed instantaneously.

> Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

This all has been described by Thy Grace, what power can I have to write all this? April 30, at 8: Thou has caught hold of my arm; I, Govind, am Thy serf, kindly take care of me and protect my honour. I am proud to be SIKH!!!!!!! Liberate all my servants and followers [way of thinking], pick englishh and every one and destroy them, who are obstacles in my well being.


I was in a really bad situation, my sister suggested me to do this prayer and my entire situation got altered. When Mahakal became kind, He immediately caused me to complete this book; He will obtain the fruit desired by the mind who will read or listen to this book and no suffering will occur to him.

They are blessed with all the earthly and spiritual treasures, and no evil doer [deadly passions and sickly instinctual drives] can even touch their shadows. Protect me with Your Own Hands. May 25, at 8: O the Lord of fourteen worlds according to Puranic conception.

January 5, at Waheguru ji da Khalsa Waheguru ji di fateh. This prayer will protect you from anything. The fools claim boastfully about the knowledge of His secrets, which even Vedas do not know. The Simritis, Shastras and Vedas describe several mysteries of yours, but I do not agree with any of them.


> Sri Chaupai Sahib English Translation

Whosoever meditates on Sahb Name, he overcomes his poverty, suffering and adversity. I have forsaken all other doors and have caught hold of only Thy door. This book was competed on the banks of Sutlej on Sunday, the eighth Sudi of the month of Bhadon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Twitter account.

December 10, at When He dissolves the creation, all the physical forms are merged back in Him. December 19, at May 6, chapuai 3: Thanku for the translation from this i feel more closer to my lord Waheguru ji. It really helped me because im traveling and i read this evey sunday and this is very peaceful not matter how much you say waheguru remember god will alway protect you even throughout the most hardest, scariest and badest.

December 12, at 3: October 22, at 7:

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