M iss T AH E R S H AB B IR H U S S AIN of class XII – B ______ in the _ CH E Chemistry Project on STUDY OF ADULTERANTS IN FOOD I. CHEMISTRY PROJECT Submitted For Exam AISSCE TOPIC OF THE PROJECT FOOD ADULTERATION Department Of Chemistry. (chemistry project- ‘to study adulterants on food’). Date of Submission: (i). NAME- AZIZUR RAHMAN. CLASS- `12th ‘B’. ROLL No- Admn. No-.

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It is high time that the food regulator tightened its belt. The bright colours used prohect attract children often contained lead, copper or mercury salts. Adulteration brings a lot of easy money for the traders, but it may spoil many lives. This ultimately results t hat t he consumer is eit her cheated or often become victim of diseases.

Several agencies have been set up by the Government of India to remove adulterants from food st uffs. Instead of tackling adulteration and the issue of food safety, the authority appears preoccupied with issues connected with the packaged food industry. The consumer should avoid taking food from an unhygienic place and food being prepared under unhygienic condit ions. If ice has been in contact with containers used for drinking, one should thoroughly clean the containers, preferably with soap and hot water, after the ice has been discarded.

HCl shook this mixture in a test tube. InConAgra Foods pled guilty to federal criminal charges that one of its units illegally sprayed water on stored grain to increase its weight andvalue. Salicylic, benzoic, and boric acids, and their sodium salts, formaldehyde, ammonium fuoride, sulphurous acid and its salts are among the principal preservatives. Ice cream is manufactured in extremely cold chamber where fat is hardened and several harmful substances are added.


Brick-powder is pfoject as an adulterant for chilly-powder. Secondly, label declaration on packed food is very important for know ing t he ingredients and nut rit ional value.

for my dear juniors. enjoy.: c.b.s.e class 12th project work on chemistry free download

Milk is mentioned as one of the top adulterated products but can any country good the ingenuity of the Indian fraudsters in evolving a milk completely without a cow or a bufalo, using ingredients like detergents, urea, cheap oil etc. Adeult erat ion of To sample of t urmeric Projetc of yellow lead salt s t o pow der, add conc. They are detected as follows: Any food Inspector can enter and inspect any place where any article of food is manufactured or stored for sale or stored for the manufacture of any other article of food for sale or exposed or exhibited for sale or where any adulterant is manufactured or kept and take samples of such article of food or adulterant for analysis.

It gives more positive test, hence is more adulterated. Cream is adulterated with gelatin, and formaldehyde is employed as a preservative for it. Starch greatly reduces the chemiistry value of the ingredient. This gum is obtained by boiling animal parts like tail,the nose,the udder etc.

Red wine chemidtry with the juice of bilberries or elderberries produced a deep blue precipitate with lead acetate. A separate and dedicated food fraud court stream adultdration the judiciary for fast tracking such cases may also have a deterrent efect. Mustard seeds and mustard oil: One is familiar with the famous saying of one of the past prime ministers of India describing corruption as universal and not confned to India.


Many of these appear to be innocuous, but there is danger that the continued use of food preserved by these agents may be injurious.

Cbsw formula produced from melamine-tainted milk killed at least six children and were believed to have harmed thousands of others.

Agremone oil in edible oil: Consumption of cut fruits being sold in unhygienic conditions should be avoided. Experiment 3 12 VII.

Here adulterant is Metanil Yellow and Kesari Dal Added to enhance the yellow colour of a food substance. It includes a total of 1, records for food fraud based on a total of scholarly, media and other publicly available reports.

Even the food, which we eat, is adulterated. Adulteration makes the food items used in our daily life unsafe and unhygienic for use.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

The situation is indicative of a deeper malaise in the Indian food regulatory regime. All adulterants such as calcium carbide and formalin are banned from use in food items -whether raw or packaged -since they are known to be toxic.

It gives positive test to small extent, hence is least adulterated.

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