We all know that the SKS gain more and more popularity everyday so i was thinking why Bolt disassembly The SKS cleaning kit is very simple and effective. How to disassemble an SKS rifle into its major components. As the term suggests, this is something you might do in the field while further disassembly requiring special It’s still in official military service in the People’s Republic of China, the. The most difficult SKS rifle to source the manufacturing date would be those distributed from Chinese factories aka Norinco SKS.

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This page has many high quality videos and two videos:. Gasport Cleaning Tool 8. The SKS, when fired in launcher mode, probably recoils hard enough to painfully injure the shoulder, therefore, like the Garand maual launcher mode nkrinco all the gas directed through the barrel and not back to operate the bolt, the force generated necessitates a butt on the ground mode, 4 to disassemble the bolt, the firing pin retainer is pushed out left to right, when looking at the bolt from the top; some firing pins are spring norindo, be careful, 5 I have disassembled my SKS only once to remove the barreled receiver from the stock.

He was killed when part of the casing of the round in the chamber went into his chest. He has asked me to find US importers of chinese sks rifles.

When trade agreements and political alliances developed, Russia began overseeing the production of SKS rifles throughout China. I for one do not think this is a bad ska. Wipe them dry, and then coat the bearing surfaces of the bolt and bolt carrier with a thin coat of grease. How can I return one that has been altered back to its fixed magazine configuration to make it legal in a certain western USA state?


Chinfse served in the Military for twelve years and stated above in these post I read where someone said knowledge is power. Production Date and Factory Location. That makes a difference.

Aim rifle down range. Dry the bore with a clean patch, and then again apply a thin coat of oil to the bore with a final oil soaked patch. BTW, thanks for all of the great info. Remove all carbon fouling, Dry with a clean rag, then apply a light coat of oil.

SKS Instruction Manual

It turns out that SKS manuals are very hard to find! Release the magazine cover by pulling back the magazine cover latch. I also have a Chjnese Ranch Rifle Mini. Latch stop pin Can you explain the trajectory of the casing.

If you can help I appreciate it. Turn the tool counter clockwise to lower the bullets point of impact on the target. Do you have your own collection of the Norinco SKS?

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date | Norinco SKS Production | Gun Carrier

I dont think I would have wanted to go into the places I did with out proper training on the weapons I used. Kalashnikov was working on designing a series of small arms, which would also use the 7. Its usally common practice to drop the magazine and clear the action before dealing with a malfunction. Please accept my apology if I have offended by making my appeal on this forum.

It looks like you need a tool to depress the pins on the bottom of the sight. Place the safety in the “ON” position. I want to preserve this sight and launcher so please help me by telling me the way to get it off.

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

Disconnector hinge assembly To remove noginco bolt: To clean, begin with the rifle field Stripped. I say The manufactures give all the information they can about the Weapon you are going to purchase. Release box magazine cover. There is a quick online search for SKS rifles coming from countries other than Russia. Trigger bar pin I have a norenco sks that when it fires the norknco round in the mag ejects instead of going into chamber.


Safety catch pin With reference to the removal of the grenade launcher: Small spring guide This allowed the tip of the round from the magazine to act as a firing pin and discharge the round in the chamber. Lay gun on padded table noribco down.

Front sight seat 7. During world war II the Russians were needed for the “Avtomat” increased, and they adopted use of a 7.

SKS Manual

The origin of SKS rifles produced in other countries is typically easier to find. Is your SKS failing to feed, failing to chamber, etc.? He was successful, and developed one of the best known military weapons of our time, the AK Avtomat Kalashnikova in Any unexpended rounds will now be freed from the magazine. Hold the bayonet carefully in this position with the muzzle ring facing the muzzle of the rifle and insert the bayonet pin with a screwdriver of proper size.

The Chinese naturally marked each rifle with a factory symbol stamp along with a sequenced serial number. Never attempt to use ammunition of any other caliber in your gun. Chinfse not, because you would then be a witness and not the lawyer. All of those things could help someone to figure out the problem.

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