Adolescent Girls in India Choose a Better Future: An Impact Assessment. Front Cover. CEDPA (Washington, DC). Centre for development and population. Adolescent Girls in India. Choose a Better Future: An Impact Assessment. The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA). September CEDPA: Choose a Future! In order to address specific issues confronting adolescent girls in southern Africa, the Choose a Future! curriculum was adapted from.

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Skip to main content. Asia and the Pacific.

Skip to main content. The information provided on this website is not official U. Issues and options for adolescent girls. To carry out these activities, CEDPA has used the centre-based approach and has established village training centres run by local fiture women.

Gender and Development: The CEDPA Training Manual Series (Volume III)

The programme also provides opportunities for recreation and focuses on developing leadership skills. In addition, it trains alumni girls as peer educators and motivates them to open their own learning centres.

The programme provides courses for girls in non-formal education, vocational skills, personality development, and family life education, and teaches them basic skills for living, such as how to use the post office, bank and ccedpa system.

The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of K4Health.


Specified for each session are an objective, time needed, activities, materials required, discussion guidelines, and ideas for action. Credits Terms of use Contact. Issues and options for adolescent boys in India: Essential to choice-making are self-respect and self-esteem development, supportive peer relationships, expanded decision-making and negotiating skills, and access to resources.

The lives of many adolescent girls are restricted by gender discrimination, poverty, illiteracy, poor nutrition and health care, violence, and premature motherhood.

Choose a Future!: Issues and Options for Adolescent Girls : a Sourcebook of – Google Books

A sourcebook of participatory learning activities. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of K4Health. Teaching and learning materials. The 12 modules 48 sessions in this volume cover the following topics: The information provided on this website is not official U. Read our full Security, Privacy, and Copyright Policies. It is also designed to promote gender equality as well as tolerance, appreciation and diversity in order to prevent communal violence.

Adolescent girls in India choose a better future: an impact assessment of an educational programme.

Skip to main content. While the curricula promote abstinence as the choosd choice for young people, contraception, STIs and HIV prevention, and unplanned pregnancy are also discussed.

The study objectives were to compare BLP alumni with a similar control group of girls who had not participated in the programme, in terms of educational attainment, income generation, decision-making, mobility, self-esteem, fertility, age at marriage, child-spacing, use of contraceptives and health-seeking behaviours. Abortion as a possible option is also considered and sexual abuse is openly discussed.


The curricula are futuee around activities such as discussion, reflection and role-play to help participants apply their new knowledge and skills to their own situation.

Traditional practices that can be harmful to girls’ health are also covered.

Each session is based on an experiential learning model that emphasizes active participation, problem solving, and open expression.

Read our full Security, Privacy, and Copyright Policies.

Search Library Search Website. Adolescent girls in India choose a better future: It seeks to develop supportive relationships, expand analysis skills, decision-making, problem solving and negotiating skills and to increase access to resources. This sourcebook, intended for facilitators and trainers working with girls ages years, is based on the principle that girls have the right and can develop the capabilities to make choices about their futures.

Topics such as masturbation and pleasure are covered and facilitators are advised to avoid assuming that all participants are heterosexual.

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