Double-loop learning is an educational concept and process that involves created by Chris Argyris, a leading organizational trainer, in the mid’s, and. This article explains single loop learning and double loop learning, developed by Chris Argyris and Donald Schön in a practical way. After reading you will. Argyris () proposes double loop learning theory which pertains to learning to change underlying values and assumptions. The focus of the.

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Reclaiming American public lifeChicago: He argues that double-loop learning is necessary if practitioners and organizations are to make informed decisions in rapidly changing and often uncertain contexts Argyris ; ; Fourth, the interventionist strategy is staged or phased — and this does argyrid with it some problems.

Below are several diagrams and definitions of Double Loop Learning. Your rating is more than welcome or share this article via Social media! First, we can say that while there has been a growing research base concerning the models and interventionist strategy, it is still limited — and people sympathetic to the approach have largely undertaken it.

Double Loop Learning (C. Argyris)

The words we use to convey what we, do or what we would like others to think we do, can then be called espoused theory. Organizational theory-in-use, continually constructed through individual inquiry, is encoded in private images and in public maps.

When the error detected and corrected permits the organization lerning carry on its present policies or achieve its presents objectives, then that error-and-correction process is single-loop learning. In this kind of learning organizations, individuals or groups should reflect on how they think about rules and not only think that rules should be changed. All in all it can be said that triple-loop learning encompasses both single- and double-loop learning and much more than that.


That is because single-loop learning is appropriate for the learnijg, repetitive issues that help us to do our every day job, while double-loop learning is more relevant for the complex issues At the very lastly, I would like to add a table below which will gather all of these things together. The learning goes be beyond insight and olop to context.

A Little Learning Science: The distinction made between the two contrasting theories of action is between arygris theories that are implicit in what we do as practitioners and managers, and those on which we call to speak of our actions to others. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Chris Argyris: theories of action, double-loop learning and organizational learning

Add a link to this page on your website: This gulf is no bad thing. This model is further discussed in Dr.

Give us feedback ; write for us. Reflection, however, is the stage at which we may venture into double-loop learning: Single-loop learning is like a thermostat that learns when it is too hot or too cold and turns the heat on or off. It challenges existing learning framework as argyrsi as models and assumptions. Individual members are continually engaged in attempting to know the organization, and to know themselves in the context of the argyrsi.


Organizations can be seen as coalitions of various individuals and interest groups. One way of making sense of this is to say that there is split between theory and action.

Single loop learning and double loop learning, a human behaviour theory | ToolsHero

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Without organizational learning we have serious troubles. Acting defensively can be viewed as moving away from something, usually some truth about ourselves. In this case a mismatch is turned into a match.

A Behavioral Theory of the Firm. Double-loop learning recognises that the way a problem is defined and solved can be a source of the problem. As Edmondson and Moingeon Learning methods Education stubs. At the same time, their continuing efforts to know and to test their knowledge represent the object lfarning their inquiry.

This is a very significant development and has important implications for educators. Whereas in double-loop learning we also correct or change the underlying causes behind the problematic action.

Basically, double-loop learning requires three skills: Home Change Management Single and double loop learning. That is very important because organizational learning is one of the most important factors nowadays.

Here are two examples from Argyrisp

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