Title, Geomorfologia fluvial. Geomorfologia fluvial, Antonio Christofoletti. Author, Antonio Christofoletti. Publisher, Editora Edgard Blücher, Export Citation. Rio de Janeiro 34 (), 58 (a) Christofoletti, A.; Bol. Geogr. Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo Geomorfologia (Em Portuguese do Brasil) [Christofoletti] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Objetivando estudar as formas de relevo a.

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In what follows, we present only a small sample of excerpts taken from classical articles. Three of them are worth mentioning. The origin of the Presidente Figueiredo waterfalls probably goes back to the Neogene, when the region was submitted to laterization processes associated with a humid climate and a dense rainforest. In his book-epilogue, Christofoletti comments on the fundamental routes to prevent the geographic science from disappearing: Over the last four years, we have been reexamining major selected texts.

Most of the studies concerning to formation of caves in sandstone assumes an initial period of water table stability and subsequent uplift YoungUrbaniMartini Therefore, after returning to Brazil, she had a lot to cristofoletti with her co-workers and students; especially those interested in agricultural studies e.

The rose diagrams in the lower right of the map show the faults and fractures measured in the studied waterfalls. Notes on the origin of caves in precambrian quartzites of Roraima Group, Venezuela. In waterfalls formed only by more resistant beds, the headward erosion is less effective, unlike those developed upon mudstone and sandstone successions.

Christofoletti, Antônio [WorldCat Identities]

Its Department of Geography was the working scenario for figures that historiography would soon celebrate for their alignment with the canons of French Geography. A locality, when dominant, may grant certain actors the ability to be prescriptvists and to put forward recommendations to actors from other locations. During the Quaternary, the Presidente Figueiredo region was affected by a brittle tectonic event that caused a drainage feomorfologia. Map of Brazilian key institutions.


A quite picturesque episode that L. But ANT also maintains that, as a result of an action-at-a-distance, local behaviors can be proscribed and a center can dominate its periphery. The Presidente Figueiredo municipality, located about km to the north of Manaus and easily accessible by the BR and AM highways, represents one of the major tourist attractions of the northeast state of Amazonas Fig.

Founded inthis municipality has an area of The emergence of this historicist perspective definitively impacted on the metascientific reflections that came later e. Z Gwomorfologia NF 33 1: Another initiative worth mentioning was the immediate implementation of math courses.

European Journal of Geography. The TNDP domain constitutes a large southward gently dipping planation surface, partially formed by m high ferrobauxite-capped round-topped hills. It also included local peculiarities — such as the concern to adapt theoretical models and to reflect on methodological gains. The field surveys consisted mainly in the recognition of planar and linear rock structures, seeking to understand their geometry and age relationships.

B Detail of the sinks in plant in flood period. During that time, there were other Geography programs: Dias da Silveira conducted a thorough survey to identify regional demands for university programs.

At the bottom and margin of rivers with waterfalls there are smaller pot holes Fig. Within their possibilities and restrictions, detached from any political or ideological bonds, they drew the attention of Brazilian Geography to the possibility of pursuing more consistent, reliable and practical approaches.

The features in arches, sheltered caves and outlet channels Fig. Cole — at the time, the head of the Geography Department.

There, a couple of geographers from South Korea mentioned that Iowa City, in the USA, had become a great center of intellectual effervescence. However, it was only a few years later, with the exoneration of senior professors, that this new generation of doctors led by Ceron and Chrisotfoletti faced a great challenge: Together with mechanical abrasion, chemical solution processes originated honeycomb features. In brief, it shows both awareness of the fact and trust in its products.


Geomorfologia fluvial – Antônio Christofoletti – Google Books

A partnership that presupposed periodic exchanges and encounters. The morphologic, geological and genetic differences observed in the studied waterfalls allowed the identification of two categories of waterfalls: The effort of local characters e.

Undoubtedly, since the s, the use of numerical treatment of data has christofo,etti visibility to optimized reasoning. And that may be because the small number of Professors had not been able to locally perpetuate their work.

The morphology of the Arcos Waterfall area is characterized by three quartzarenite biconvex projections, whose convexities arches are cylindrical with a diameter of 3m and length of 14m, distant themselves by 12m Fig. As a result, they found themselves in a more comfortable position to assimilate the logic underlying the theoretical models e. The virtual heirs to a geography engaged in defending technical and linguistic accuracy found themselves acting under a condition of exclusion that soon hastened the rise of a long season of decay for the Rio Claro institution.

Being devoted as he was to follow the efforts of Dias da Silveira — who established in Chriatofoletti Claro one of the finest university libraries in the country — Christofoletti observed an increasing use of statistical techniques in the works of British and North-American authors.

Christofoletti, Antônio 1936-

Tower karst in sandstone: It is not limited to surveys from existing sources. Congresso Latino-Americano de Geologia, 7.

There, in the s, Professors Jean-Claude Wieber and Jean-Philippe Massonie were responsible for holding important local colloquia e.

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