An introduction to Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written. Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition. Add to Goodreads. The New World story of the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca in his own words. This riveting true story. The Narváez expedition was a Spanish journey of exploration and colonization started in .. Lalami explains that nothing is known about him except for one line in Cabeza de Vaca’s chronicle: “The fourth [survivor] is Estevanico, an Arab.

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The governor selects the second plan and heads the land expedition. While he appreciates the landscape and the people he encounters, he does not question whether they should be subject to his country and their religion, and he uses nqrvaez account to both tempt his countrymen and advise them about how to pursue conquest of this new world.

They also enjoined them to treat us with great reverence, be careful no to arouse our wrath, to give us all their possessions, and to guide us to where there were many people, and that wherever we should come to they should steal and rob everything the others had, which was the custom.

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition

Dorantes and Castillo, and ten others who are healthy enough to try, leave the island. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click cjronicle.

The four decide to stay the winter with these Indians. The Spanish eventually narvsez Indians as human but saw them as childlike and in need of guidance to become the equals of whites.


Soon, all four men are healing the Indians. More Indians seek healing from Castillo. He recounts that “He answered that this was no time for orders; that each one should do the best he could to save himself.

Finally, archaeologist Alex D. The highest concentration of native peoples could be found in the Pacific Northwest, along the Chronicls River, and in the basin of the Alleghenies where timber was readily accessible.

Narváez expedition – Wikipedia

They could fire their bows five or six times while the Spanish loaded a crossbow or harquebusthen fade away into the woods. They begin to make items such as arrows, nets, and lodge matting under contract for the Indians, as well as items for barter.

They find an inlet but determine expeditiion the seacoast is still narfaez off. The Indians return the vessels but neither the two Christians nor the promised water. For the Uruguayan critic Emir Rodriguez Monegal, “The generation of readers that began to take shape in had the advantage of more universities and secondary schools, more libraries, more bookstores and magazines; there were, over all, Latin American publishers that not only translated and adapted universal culture but that also promoted national and Latin American culture.

The interests and needs of the Spanish nation were put over anyone who lived in the North American colonies, including Spanish colonists. Petty, Stephen, “Cabeza de Vaca: They also laud him for making an expexition to understand the Indians and emphasize the importance of respecting, not enslaving, them.

Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition

Their first attack was a force of warriors, who used burning arrows to set fire to the houses the Europeans occupied. They strip naked to get the boat out of the sand.


Barnes, ; revised and annotated by Harold Augenbaum, Penguin Books, Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos, Certainly, the postwar boom authors cultivated such an “historical sense,” yet they were not comfortable simply buying back into a European tradition.

Their surprise was so great that they could not find words to ask me anything.

Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca | : Books

Out of the “horrors” of his experience, Cabeza de Vaca fills the New World with his own peculiar version of Christianity. Academy of the Arts and Sciences of the Americas, p.

All actively sought the mainstream centers of Western culture: They stay with another group of Indians who treat them very well. With many of the horses carrying the sick and wounded, the Spanish realized they were struggling for survival.

Returning to Aute, Cabeza de Vaca and his party find many of the men, including the governor, are ill and had been attacked by Indians the previous night. A Model for Multiculturalism,” “The text is novelistic in that the subjective experience is allowed to enter an official report: He is the perfect explorer, for, unlike Panfilo de Narvaezwhat he discovers is that the New World can be colonized. The four distribute the goods among the many Indians who follow them and have already lost their possessions.

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