Čiča Gorio has ratings and reviews. To ask other readers questions about Čiča Gorio, please sign up. .. Cemu me je ova knjiga naucila?. Čiča Goriot has ratings and reviews. Sawsan said: رواية فيها نماذج انسانية واقعية مختلفة, ومشاهد من الحياة الباريسية في القرن التاسع عشر, وط. Download Onore de Balzak – Cica Gorio. Description. Download Onore de Balzak – Cica Gorio Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. x. Product from Amazon.

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The essayistic asides seem perfectly phrased, always calling for enthusiastic dog-earing, as though I’ll one day find on the page the bit of wisdom that struck me the first time through.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Then the descriptions take you inside the lodging house Mason Vauquerroom by room. Open Preview See a Problem? View all 8 comments.

Goriot is called both in the novel. What’s not to like about Balzac? Conference – Vertikal. There is zero spark.

First one is the impression I got at very beginning of what Balzac can do with words. Because literally hundreds of novels written since have used the same plot, Pere Goriot seems somewhat unoriginal to the modern reader. My idea is to go off and live like a patriarch in the middle of some big estate, a hundred thousand acres for example, in the United States, in the South. The message remains just as important today as In the end, you I want goriio scream at Goriot to not give all his money to his daughters.


Sep 17, Alejandra Restrepo B. I often have this problem with 19th century novels; the ending is so telegraphed that the moralizing is done in mind well before we get to the drawn out explanation. Ah, how foolish a father is! While I’m not a fan of city realism, I have to admit that as far as classics go this novel is the cornerstone upon which most of our realistic literature stems from.

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It was the first time I felt some depth and originality. The legend of Balzac- the 3-day writing marathons fueled by gallons of coffee, the monks robe, the ridiculously grandiose ambition, the secret passage leading to a back alley used to flee from his creditors- is a most delightful one, and so I was hoping to like this, his most famous book, rather better than I knijga.

For twenty years, he gave his soul, his love; as for his wealth, he gave that away in a day. Another wonderful translation by Burton Raffel, this is a faithful and readable edition of one of Balzac’s most popular novels. Nonetheless, here goio there, in this dense web of vice and virtue, you come across sufferings that seem grand and solemn: I often sort of muddled through the dramatization, not always sure who was who and what was happening where.

There “To my shame be it said, I think of my lover before my father. Most of the action takes place at a boarding house or a couple of other locations in Paris. Again, by chance, one occurrence forced her to make a joke which could be understood flirtatious and which I, of course, understood like that. cida

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The audiobook narration by Walter Covell is mediocre. Do you ask why? It is these characters and a few others that the story revolves around.


And, believe it or not, resonant of Calvino at points. At dinners, paying diners from the neighborhood fill the seats up to 18 or 20, circling the table, joking and talking, arguing. As such, my feelings about this one are mixed, like with Stendhal’s The Red and the Black last year. There were two things I liked.

That all is not revealed or known is hinted at. What do I do?

Onore de Balzak – Cica Gorio

It has been translated many times and I found the translation by Burton Raffel who also translated Rabelais and others a beautiful one to read. The essayistic asides seem It’s good to study up on the history of the novel — this one’s apparently a founding father. Whatever terrible things you hear about society, believe them fica In his own words: I would say yeah.

View all 3 comments. All books are the property of their respective owners. The widow who manages the house, the lodgers, there are seven, down to their clothing, facial attributes, behavioral quirks, social standing and aspirations.

The Human Comedy is a daunting achievement but this was a great starting point: You need one who is young, wealthy and elegant.

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