Veja grátis o arquivo Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (11 capitulo – Hipoclorito de sódio) enviado para a disciplina de Endodontia Categoria. Ciencia endodóntica. Front Cover. Carlos Estrela. Artes Médicas, – Medical – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ciencia endodóntica. Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science (Hardback) by Carlos Estrela and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Rio de Janeiro; Effect of ultra- sonic vibration on post removal in extracted hu- man premolar teeth. J Am Med Assoc ; An experimental study in monkeys.

Endodontic suc- cess — a reappraisal of criteria. Retreatment outco- me of surgical and non-surgical management of endodontic failure.

Endod Dent Traumatol ; 1: Brazil Dent J ; 2: Rev Bras Odontol ; Buenos Ai- res; Studies on root canal medicaments. Engstron B, Spangberg L. A scanning electron microscopic study of debris and smear layer remai- ning following use of Cwrlos rotary instruments.


An analysis of canal antering using mecanical instrumentation techniques. J Amer Dent Ass ; eztrela External and internal anatomy of third molars.

Estrela C, Stephan IW. In vitro infection and desinfection of dentinal tubules.

Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science : Carlos Estrela :

J Orthop Res ; 8: Int Endod J ; Am J Infect Control ; Invaginated tooth associa- ted with periodontal abscess. Walton RE, Torabinejad M. Rev Paul Cirur Dent ; The need for uniformity of en- dodontic instrument, equipaments and filling ma- terials. Halothane and eucaliptol as alternatives to chloroform for sof- tening gutta-percha.

Biochemical and molecular mediators of bone metabolism. J Dent Res ; Microbiologia Oral e En- fermidades infecciosas. Rev Odontol Brasil Central ; 2: Factors affecting sterilization in glass bead sterilizers.

J En- dod ; Efticacy of prepro- cedural rinsing with an antiseptic in reducing via- ble bacteria in dental aerosols. Canal orifice enlargements related to bio- mechanical preparation.

In vitro assessment of the antimi- crobial action and the mechanical ability of chlorhexidine gel as an Endodontic irrigant.


J Endod ; 9: A clinical, microbiological and radiological eva- luation of treatment in one sitting of teeth with mature or immature root.

Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (8 capitulo – Controle de infecção em endodontia)

Comparation of the relative risk of estrelx root perforation using va- rious endodontic instrumentation techniques. WB Saunders Com- pany. Can Dent Ass ; Asses- sment of the apical transportation of root canals using the method of the curvature radius.

Higiene and carloa – the need for a holistic approach. The positi- on and topography of the apical foramen. Control of microorganisms in vitro by endodontic irrigants. Int Endod J ;

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