The Junior DT/1 is a full commercial machine designed for small spaces and tight budgets (relatively speaking). It features high quality parts, a rotary pump, and. This subject of this review is the La Cimbali M21, Junior DT/1 “Casa.” In other words, La Cimbali’s latest, automatic single group, with. The newly updated Junior Casa DT1 is an espresso machine that is designed for the home Model, La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 1 Group AV\Auto-Volumetric.

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This one group machine has a built-in volumetric pump, a multi-directional stainless steel hot water wand and a multi-directional steam wand. If you remove and replace your baskets frequently, the stock clips are beyond inconvenient. La Cimbali Junior reviews have been viewedtimes updated hourly. This product has been in our review database since November 5, The Casa’s pre-infusion provides similar advantages to an E group. The machine is easy to maintain. Rotary pump, heat exchanger, automatic espresso machine.

If you would like to contact the marketing and communications department to make a complaint, provide feedback or supply us with any other information, please use the following email address: Trust me and save yourself some aggravation by ordering a few, lighter springs from Chris or your parts supplier right off the bat.

Such circumspectness is unnecessary in the friendly environment of an average kitchen, but in a commercial venue, gunk of every description will invariably make its way into any exposed crevice, potentially causing maintenance problems after years of hard use. As long as your counting is consistent, you can consistently hit your targets. After using it for 15 months I think she may well be right!

What grinder are you using? I live in Perth which means when I want spares i clmbali to phone Jumior in Sydney but the guys there are really so cool and go out of their way to help me.


La Cimbali Junior S/1

They handled my sales and installation questions with aplomb. As long as the drain tube is properly installed running down hilla Casa can not put enough water into the tray for it to overflow. They are dual boiler, rotary pump, temp. There is a bit of sentimentality about selling this old machine too — but if there are good alternatives, I think I can get over that Thanks for your help! You may have heard espresso cognoscenti argue about the relative importance of the espresso machine, grinder, skill of the barista cimbaki the quality of the beans — the infamous “Four Ms.

I know Ben at Biobeans had one of these. The automatic commercial or domestic coffee machine with a stunning design offers easy functionality in a compact format.

Garante per la protezione dei dati personali – Piazza di Monte Citorio No. Personal data must only be processed on legitimate grounds in accordance with current personal data regulations, as described below. Familiarity breeds precision, and the longer I use the Casa, the more sensitive I am to dialing temps in. Where personal data is no longer necessary – or there are no longer legal grounds for storing it – it shall be made anonymous in an irreversible manner and stored in this manner or securely destroyed.

An important factor in the ease and degree of control is the plumbed-in feed and drain. List your business site here. He has two of these machines and seems pretty happy with them.

I’m considering selling this one and replacing it with something smaller Nothing beats playing on a machine of this quality and even my girlfiend understands. All of your personal data juior stored on our secure servers or as secure hard copies or on secure servers belonging to our suppliers or commercial partners.


La Cimbali M21 Junior Espresso Machine | Ringtons

And yes, there are others. Too difficult and complicated to list. They really don’t build ’em like that anymore. Skip to main content. It’s very consistent; has unmatchable ergonomics; beautiful to look at; a pleasure to touch; easy to clean; everything functions; there’s plenty of mass in the direct connection between boiler and group; no gimmicks; no construction shortcuts; top quality components although every p-stat has its deficiencies and detractors ; etc.

She has kind of a functional beauty to her is that a nice way of saying her personality makes her more attractive? Negative Product Points Too difficult and complicated to list. It is revealing because cimbai is so responsive. If you have questions regarding the way we process your personal data, please contact the data controller directly using the above email address only. Please write reviews for products you own, and avoid single line responses cimbsli details matter. Hey, who knows, I might even look at a Bez!!!


However, experience with HXs in general, and with the M21 in particular, make consistent accuracy easiery. Results 1 to 11 of I guess that is where you go to analaboutcoffee.

They were intimidating in their requirement for nearly perfect barista skills, or at least I found them so. You don’t see that level of intelligent engineering much. Yes Similar Items Owned: The how-to Perfecting the Naked Extraction documents the results of my journey from Junior’s ordinary to extraordinary espresso, all thanks to the consistent application of fundamental barista skills.

Bought from Chris Coffee.

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