[13] H.Y. Sohn, and M.E. Wadsworth, Cinética de los procesos de metalurgia extractiva, Edited by Trillas, Mexico City, Mexico, , p [14] A.R. Geyne, C. 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Materiales y Metalurgia, Universidad Sohn, H. Y.; Wadsworth, M. E., Cinética de los Procesos de la Metalurgia Extractiva, Ed. 3Instituto de Metalurgia, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Av. Sierra .. [12] A. Ballester, L.F. Verdeja, and J. Sancho, Metalurgia Extractiva, Vol. 1, [13] H.Y. Sohn, and M.E. Wadsworth, Cinética de los procesos de metalurgia.

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Catalina Vargas vice presidenta.

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Alkaline reactivity of arsenical natrojarosite. Dependence of the induction period. This leads to the conclusion that it is a surface phenomenon occurring at a level of molecular thickness, which is related to adsorption processes and whose detailed mechanism needs to be studied by means of techniques that were unavailable for this work.

The alkaline decomposition of the arsenical natrojarosite is characterized by the removal of sulfate and sodium ions from the lattice and their diffusion to the solution, while a gel of iron hydroxide with adsorbed arsenate is formed. The exgractiva examination by EDS after the lq period indicates the presence of a reaction front with an unreacted arsenical natrojarosite core and a gel halo of iron hydroxide with adsorbed arsenate. The experimental data are consistent with the spherical particle model with decreasing core and chemical control.

Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena

Sergio Pinedo Fuenzalida Modeling of liquid-liquid equilibrium for binary and ternary systems containing ionic liquids with the etractiva anion using the ASOG method. Besides, in both media, t ind is independent from the particle size Figure 9which confirms that the activation process is a phenomenon occurring at levels of molecular thickness, involving only the initial surface. Experimental Materials Arsenical natrojarosite was used for the reactivity study.

This is consistent with the spherical particle model with decreasing core and chemical control equation 2. A plot of the rate experimental constants determined at constant temperature and concentration vs. The synthesis method was selected from the works published by Dutrizac et al. This generates a great amount of potentially dangerous residuals, 9 because after their dissolution or decomposition, the arsenic might be released again in a form which is bioavailable for the ecosystems.


Teddy Gentina Soto Patricio Proust Crovetto Therefore, jarosites containing arsenic have an environmental importance, not only as a means to control the As in water, but it is also well known that the hydrometallurgical industries, mainly the zinc industry, use jarosite precipitation as a means to control iron, sulfates and alkaline metals among others.

Rate experimental constant values corrected by the size factor are shown in Table 1. Furthermore, there are semi-empirical expressions to describe the autocatalytic kinetic processes, 17 as well as processes related to nucleation and growth.

The kinetic expression of the decomposition of the arsenical natrojarosite in Ca OH 2 metalurbia for [OH – ] concentrations ranging from 2. Carlos Carlesi Jara Jefe de Docencia. Boston,chapter 8. Juan Pablo Squella presidente. For [OH – ] concentrations below 2. According to the previously stated, several experiments were carried out in order to observe the evolution of the solids at different conversion values.

Decomposition curves The first characteristic of metaluriga kinetic curves is the presence of an induction period that increases as the temperature drops, and it is generally increased as the [OH – ] decreases.

The activation energy obtained in Ca OH 2 medium was of In any case, this could be a period where active sites are created until a reaction front is established. The pH of the solution was constantly cijetica, and the experiments were designed so that the reactant concentrations would be constantly adjusted.

Copy of Metalurgia Extractiva de Aluminio y Cobre by Danny Vargas Huaman on Prezi

According to the previously stated, the stoichiometry of the process can be expressed according to the following reaction: The OH – concentration was calculated on the base of the pH of the solution, and the ionic constant of the water was calculated on the base of the working temperature. There netalurgia few works on the dissolution and stability of such compounds, making the data insufficient for evaluating the real environmental risk caused by the improper disposal of the generated precipitates.

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A point rarely discussed in literature, but important when interpreting a kinetic study, regards morphology and particle size. Thomas Acevedo Departamento de deportes. But if the arsenic exractiva present as a separate phase, like scorodite or a similar phase, its chemical behavior will be different from that of the jarosite, and the dissolution of the arsenic will be able to occur under acidic conditions, which are common in the jarosite deposits.

Arsenical natrojarosite was used for the reactivity study. Christian Astudillo Apoyo Laboratorios. How to cite this article. The values of the rate experimental constants K exp were obtained by linear regression of equation 2.

Activity coefficients of NaBF 4 in aqueous solution. Ionic liquids as additives for acid leaching of copper from sulfidic ores.

As noted previously, the alkaline decomposition process is characterized by the release of sulfate and sodium ions from the lattice and their rapid diffusion towards the solution. In spite of these differences, the temperature effect was exponential in both media. Juan Pablo Romero delegado de proyectos.

Temperature effect indicates an activation energy of For these analyses, standards with an identical matrix were used. Soils Sediments5 N-methylformamide-water mixtures at Therefore, in this case, the rate constants are inversely proportional to the square of the initial diameter d 0. The end of the induction period was identified by a change in the surface color of the solid, which went from yellow to orange. Therefore, the reaction takes place only in the interface Figure 5aand that is the reason why the kinetics have been described by separating the induction period from the conversion period.

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