Cinnamomum tamala. Lauraceae. Nees & Eberm. LOCAL NAMES. Bengali ( tejpat,tamala); English (Indian cassia lignea); Gujarati. (tejpat,tamalapatra); Tamil . Tejpatra- Cinnamomum tamala is an ayurvedic herb mentioned for the treatment of bad odor from mouth, black spots on the face, dental caries. Descriptions and articles about the Indian Bark, scientifically known as Cinnamomum tamala as classified by Extant & Habitat resource in the Encyclopedia of.

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Trees, medium sized, up to 10 m tall; branchlets slender.

Cinnamomum Tamala Or Tej Patta Plant Bey Leaf plant

The page may take some time to load since LigerCat cunnamomum searching the entire PubMed database and sending us the results in real time. Eudicots are a subset of Dicots. Vascular bundles of the stem are usually borne in a ring that encloses the pith. The taste and aroma of the leaf mainly comes from the monoterpenoids such as Linalool present in the leaf.

Dicots are diverse in habit, with half of all the species being more or less woody-stemmed – a reflection of the usual presence of a vascular cambium cinanmomum the class. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc. References See complete references in the References section at the end. Cinnamomum pauciflorum tazia Buch. Privacy policy About Biodiversity of India: Journal of Natural Medicines.

A Working List of all Plant Species”. AyurvedaFolk Medicine. Small tree with lots of young growth Photograph by: Details of the clinical studies related to the plant species. Most dicots have a primary root system derived from the radicle, although some have an adventitious root system commonly seen in the class of monocots. An on-line version is also available.


They diversified enormously during the Lower Cretaceous and became widespread around million years ago, but replaced conifers as the dominant trees only around million years ago. Parameter Value s References See complete references in the References section at the end Does this species have any medicinal use?

Flavour and Fragrance Ccinnamomum. Good descriptions of the plants with terse notes on their uses.

Cinnamomum tamala – Wikipedia

Views Read View source View history. Tanala as long as the stamens, hastate, long-stipitate. Retrieved from ” https: Google Scholar Search, Kala07 Parts of the plant used for treatment Leaves Names of some medicinal active compounds in this plant, if known. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Fruit slender, ellipsoid, acutish, up to 7 x 11 mm; cup obconical, fleshy, up cinnamomum 5 mm high and 7 mm in diameter at the rim, the basal part obconical, merging into the, up to 8 mm long, obconical pedicel; mm long basal part of the tepals in fruit hardened, persistent.

Cijnamomum filiform, mm long. Cinnamomum reinwardtii Nees Cinnamomum veitchii Lukman. Yes Uses for which the plant is commercially cultivated Human consumption, Medicinal use, Cosmetic use Plant parts of commercial value Bark, Leaves Products where this plant is used User-reported Description of use Used all over India for cooking.

Leaf extracts have been shown to have lipid-reducing and blood-sugar reducing actions.

Culinary Australian Bangladeshi Indian Pakistani. The leaves have a cinnamon-like aroma dinnamomum the species name would suggest. Last update on Flowers of India Web: They are often labeled as “Indian bay leaves ,” or just “bay leaf”, causing confusion with the leaf from the bay laurela tree of Mediterranean origin in a different genus; the appearance and aroma of the two are quite different.


If nothing is cinnaomum in this section, it means the EoL ID has not been defined. Use dmy dates from January Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from June Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

They may also be fungicidal. The name tries to highlight the intense flavoring conferred by the leaf, which is added to Indian cinnamomumm as a spice.

Herbs and spices portal. Is a constituent of Chyawanprash. Stamens slightly shorter than the tepals; anthers oval, c. Lists and related topics Lists of herbs and spices. The leaves are an important component of Garam Masala. Cinnamommum Other plants of the same family having medicinal use: Retrieved from ” http: A good article on Yuccas, one on Sagebrush Artemesia spp and another on Chaerophyllum bulbosum.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Type the digit seven into the box. Readable yet also very detailed. Cinnamomum tamala or Indian Bark is a commonly used plant known by the name Tejpatta in India.

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