The BRUKS Circular Overpile Stacker Reclaimer is a standalone semi-circular automated storage pile solution for plants that need high volume storage in a. The BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is a standalone semi- circular automated storage pile solution for plants that need high volume storage in. The most economical automated storage facility using a Stacker Reclaimer System in outdoor applications. AMECO’s Circular Stockyard solutions are used for.

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This has the advantage that material from the whole cross section of the pile is reached at the same time, thus significantly increasing the blending ratio. The machine is all above grade installation. The Windrow method requires the most expensive stacker, however it means that at no time the falling distance of material is high, and thus segregation of the material is kept to a minimum as it rolls down the pile.

The close contact to our customers all over the world is ensured by a worldwide sales and service network. It is then reclaimed to an Output Stackfr via the reclaiming arm located below the bridge structure. AMECO not only supplies bulk material handling equipment, we also perform regular inspections on our installations to ensure the safety and longevity of our machines.

BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer | BRUKS

In team with the stacker, it decides on the blending ratio of the storage. The BRUKS design does not require a cumbersome and high maintenance screw hopper to be located under the reclaim hopper. Longitudinal stockpile arrangement for: The sweeping movements of the harrow homogenizes the Bulk Material as well as allows the Bulk Material to slide on the pile base.

Do not fill in this field. BRUKS achieves controlled flow with the design of the primary screw reclaim. The reclaimer main frame is of a heavy structural design and is the primary structure for the machine.


Circular Stacker/Reclaimers

BEUMER will support you in discussing the advantages of longitudinal and circular storages and selecting the best combination of stackers and reclaimers for your task. Dusting is minimized by fully controlling the material through discharge.

A normal length for a Portal Reclaimer arm is usually around 65 circlar. Customer oriented engineering Worldwide delivery Turnkey planning including material transport, screening and storage technology Implementation in existing plants Parts consignment programs Service and reliability programs Installation.

This process is important to optimize plant performance and control product quality.

I consent to bruks. Please wait while message is being sent. If blending is necessary, the Chevron method or Chevcon for circular storages is the preferred choice, as it does not require slewing gear in the stacker. The stacking process can be done by a simple tripper car or it can be a stacker with both luffing and slewing gear to enable more complex stacking methods or to allow the stacker to serve two parallel piles.

View our references map. The Circular Stacker is located on the centre column, allowing rotation and luffing motion, hence building the material in a chevron or cone shaped shell. Included, as part of our supply, is the complete electrical design of the power and control system, including motor controls.

Circular Portal Scrapers are used for handling many types of Bulk Material such as fertilizers, coal, sulphur.

The Stacker and the Reclaimer are supported by one central column which also supports the incoming Feeding Conveyor. The most economical automated storage facility using a Stacker Reclaimer System in outdoor applications.

Just fill in our. Programming for the central programmable controller PLC and testing of the control panel stacekr be done prior to shipping.

Rcelaimer Reclaimer Bridge rotates around the central column. Circular Stacker Reclaimer Systems are mostly used for large quantities of pulp or woodchipsbut they can also be used for coal or any other Bulk Materials that can be left outdoors.


Do not fill in this field.

Robust and reliable design Proven performance Reduces operating costs Improves process efficiency and product quality Share Contact Sales. It requires no slewing gear in the stacker and simplifies the movement of the stacker during stacking. We use cookies to make our website even more user-friendly. For example, a stacker must reach the whole cross section of the pile, if Windrow stacking is required; for Chevron or Coneshell it is enough to reach the center of the pile only.

More complex stacking methods enable better blending ratios, while requiring more complex stackers. I consent to bruks. The screw reclaim device then conveys the material into the center turret of the machine. The lower center support ring supports the Reclaimer Main Frame, which is a machined ring mounted to the concrete foundation.

Rather than pushing materials around with dozers, the piles can be arranged so that the oldest materials are reclaimed first FIFOand are not trapped at the bottom of the pile and are reclaimed last.

If no blending is required, the simplest stacking method Coneshell will be chosen. The reclaiming arm is supported by a Portal Reclaimer where the primary side is attached to a central column using a slewing ring without a gear.

It is an insulated single unit with an isolated control cab complete with industrial environmental controls. The stacking method depends firstly on the required blending ratio.

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