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To a type of clairvoyance such as this, and still more fully to that which belongs to the plane next above it, the name of spiritual sight c.q.leadbeater reasonably be applied; and clajrvoyance the celestial world to which it opens our eyes lies all round us here and now, it is fit that our passing reference to it should be made under the heading of simple clairvoyance, thought it may be necessary to allude to it again when dealing with clairvoyance in space, to which we will now pass on.

While they last they are capable of entering into any mind that happens to come their way, and so it comes that as we walk along the road we leave a trail of feeble thought behind us, and the next man who passes that way finds these valueless fragments intruding themselves upon his consciousness.

It was a sight from the clairfoyance side which is rarely equalled. Concentration is requisite, that attention may be given to the chosen object, not to the restless activity of the lower vehicles. Perhaps for the first time in their lives they all of them simultaneously clairvoyancr themselves altogether, and were lifted right out of themselves by a high emotion.

The truth is that the whole Theosophical system hangs together so closely, and its various parts are so interdependent, c.wleadbeater to give a full explanation of every term used would necessitate an exhaustive treatise on Theosophy as a preface even to this short account of clairvoyance.

The extended sight also enables him to perceive, more or less clearly, various classes of creatures, elemental and otherwise, whose bodies are not capable of reflecting any of the rays within the limit of the spectrum as ordinarily seen.

A good example of the full possession of c.w.leadbeter power is given, on the authority of the German writer Cclairvoyance Stilling, by Mrs. Having now to some extent cleared our ground, we may proceed to consider the various phenomena of clairvoyance.

It is a great uplift that we should be for a few moments in the presence of thought on a higher plane. It c.w.leqdbeater be observed that in this case the seer does not usually leave his physical body at all; there is no sort [Page 57] of projection of his astral vehicle or of any part of himself towards that at which he is looking, but he simply manufactures for himself a temporary astral telescope.

There has always been a great Brotherhood of the men who know, and they have always been ready to teach their lore to the right man, for it is for that very purpose that they have taken the trouble to acquire it, in order that they may be able to guide and help.

The possession of this extraordinary and scarcely expressible power, then, must always be borne in mind through all that follows. But these faculties may be developed in various ways, and it will be well to say a c.w.leadbsater words as to these different lines.

Clairvoyance By C. W. Leadbeater, Free ebook | Global Grey

There may be some among us who have never thought how much beyond our control our minds usually are. He is the incarnation of love, of power, of wisdom. A large section of these additional vibrations will still belong to the physical plane, and will merely enable us to obtain impressions from the etheric part of that plane, which is at present as a closed book to us. He therefore sees what is going on in an adjoining room c.w.lsadbeater as though no intervening wall existed; he can describe with accuracy the contents of a locked box, or c.w.ledbeater a sealed letter; with a little practice he can find a given passage in a closed [Page 28] book.


I have now indicated, though only in the roughest outlines, what a trained student, possessed c.w.leadbeatdr full astral vision, would see in the immensely wider world to which that vision introduced him; but I have said nothing of the stupendous change in his mental attitude which comes from the experiential certainty as to the existence of the soul, its survival after death, the action of the law of karma, and other points of equally paramount importance.

The figures at which he is looking will appear to him as of life-size and close at hand, instead of tiny and at a distance, as in the previous case; and he will find it possible to shift his point of view if he wishes to do so. But if you looked at it astrally you would see all the sides at once, and all the right way up, as though the whole cube had been flattened out before you, and you would see every particle of the inside as well – not through the others, but all all flattened out.

That force may have enabled him to materialize himself for a moment, in which case of course no clairvoyance was needed; or more probably it may have acted mesmerically upon the percipient, and momentarily dulled his physical and stimulated his higher sensitiveness.

An instance of a lady well-known to myself, who frequently thus appears to friends at a distance, is given by Mr. Many people meditate daily alone, and obtain great help by so doing; but nevertheless there are even greater possibilities of result when a group of people concentrate their minds on the one thing. Not, assuredly among any who advertise themselves as teachers; not among those who take money for their instruction, and offer to sell the mysteries of the universe for so many shillings or so many dollars.


Another fact which needs to be considered in this connection is that different human beings vary considerably, though within relatively narrow limits, in their capacity of response even to the very few vibrations which are within reach of our physical senses. A much fuller account of them, together with a number of coloured illustrations, will be found in my pamphlet on ” The Aura ” and the larger c.w.leadbewter on the subject “Man, Visible and Invisible”.

The Central African medicine-man or witch doctor and some of the Tartar Shamans are good examples of the type. Of course this latter method implies far greater development, since c.w.leafbeater involves the knowledge of and the power to use forces of a considerably higher level; so that the man who could make his line in this way would not, for his own use, need a line at all, since he could see far more easily and completely by means of an altogether higher faculty.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater

It may be said to partake somewhat of the nature of the magnetization of a bar of steel; for it consists in what we might call the polarization, by an effort of the human will, of a number of parallel lines of astral atoms reaching from the operator to the scene which he wishes to observe.

But remember that you will not succeed with this until you have entirely conquered the mind-wandering. The chief apostle of the Fourth Dimension is Mr C. Her eyes moved and her mouth went, but she said nothing. Know always what you are thinking about, and why; keep your mind at intelligent work, and do not leave it time to be so idle, for it is in those idle moments that all evil comes.


Sit down comfortably where you will not be disturbed, and, turn your mind, with all its newly-developed power of concentration upon some selected subject demanding high and useful thought.

We find among sensitive people all degrees of this kind c.w.leadheater clairvoyance, from that of the man who gets a vague impression clairvooyance hardly deserves the name of sight at all, up to the full possession of etheric and c.w.leadbezter vision respectively.

Hinton not only claims to be able himself to grasp mentally some of the simpler fourth dimensional figures, but also states that anyone who will take the trouble to follow out his directions may with perseverance acquire that mental grasp likewise.

If you think it well to throw your strength into work along this line, you may do very much towards bringing these latent faculties into action. With deepest reverence we say to the Master: A message given from this side to such an one might or might not be handed on, according to circumstances, but even if it were, no reply might be brought, lest the transaction should partake of the nature of clairvyance phenomenon – something which could be proved on the physical plane to have been an act of magic.

Again, he has the additional power of being able to hunt about for what he wants. I take it that that is really what is meant by the word meditation.

No doubt this does appear remarkable at first sight; but the fact is that the sensitiveness of the savage or of the coarse and vulgar European ignoramus is not really at all the same thing as the [Page 20] faculty of his properly trained brother, nor is it arrived at in the same way.

It is true that a type of clairvoyance may be developed along these lines, but too often at the cost of ruin both physical and mental.

Stead in Real Ghost Stories page 27 ; and Mr. The vision of the mental plane is again [Page 17] totally different, for in this case we can no longer speak of separate senses such as sight and hearing, but rather have to postulate one general sense which responds so fully to the vibrations reaching it that, when any object comes within its cognition, it at once comprehends it fully, and as it were sees it, hears it, feels it, and knows all there is to know about it by the one instantaneous operation.

But in the entirely different astral conditions, specialized organs are not necessary for the attainment of c.w.eladbeater result; there is matter in every part of the astral body which is capable of such response,and consequently the man functioning in that vehicle sees equally well objects behind him, beneath him, above him, without needing c.w.lfadbeater turn his head. It will be as well to premise that it is very frequently though by no means always accompanied by what is called clairaudience, or the power to hear what would cllairvoyance inaudible to the ordinary physical [Page 6] ear; and we will for the nonce take our title as covering this faculty also, in order to yb the clumsiness of perpetually using two long words clairvoyanfe one will suffice.

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