Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a. Derek Blasberg is a writer, editor and New York Times best-selling author. humorous essays about modern etiquette called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the. Derek Blasberg is Classy. We live in an era in which Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery escapades make the evening news, Gossip Girl characters.

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Published July 12th by Michael Joseph first published April 6th These kept me from reading quickly through in the beginning. I found this quizzes pretty unnecessary but they might appeal to teen readers.

This man-splain-ual made me cringe at least once every page. Blasberg is unashamedly vain and drops the names of his celebrity friends where ever he can.

Very Classy by Derek Blasberg | : Books

Bridge of Clay Signed Edition. The author seemed to write his book in a very judgmental and opinionated way. It includes tips about everything from where to go, what to pack, and how to act.

It mentions having respect for yourself in relationships and also touches on how to deal with an ended relationship.

Today’s fast-maturing youth culture is confounded by a whole slew of classy conundrums. I say withdrawn because as i’m reading i get soo caught up in the book that the world around me instantly becomes irrelevant.

Not only is it beneficial though, it’s also a breeze to read. Jan 16, Emily rated it did not like it. Ashes in the Snow Movie Tie-In. In the FIRST paragraph, he says he hates hearing women call other women “bitches” and “sluts” during arguments, and that they should get a thesaurus.


Please don’t read this book. Classy people do not call people tramps and skanks and make “witty” comments about how if you have sex with a lot of people you should make sure you get paid for it.

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

I kept reading it nonstop just like the first book! It was more like a book on how to not be like the train-wreck characters on Jeresy Shore aka a normal, blaberg member of society.

Blasberg is one of the biggest name-droppers in the industry, and I found the only amusing aspect of his debut book blaberg be Byrdie Bell posing as his ridiculous cover model. So far im enjoying both books so its really hard to get into both books but that is why i want to finish one so i could enjoy both equally.

Very Classy

He has since contributed texts and written forwards to several other books and literary derel in the fashion and art spheres. My clutter problem is more related to being ill than being a slob, and the same with my exercise programme I try but get extremely fatigued just doing tai chi once a week which knocks me around for a couple of days. Even if you’re so confident, you’ve been attracting guys like a honey-dipped man magnet for years – VeryClassy still has something for you.

Though he does offer some advice in the back of the book for some things to read and watch that I want to look into.

There are a couple ideas that are not the message young ladies need and should have been left out. The playlists weren’t written by him and aren’t very inspired.


Not worth the read, don’t even start it. She didn’t necessarily look the classiest ladybut she did look beautiful. This book is an extremely sad representation of the kind of “literature” that is negatively impacting young girls from a relatively notable writer in fashion circles.

Travel is another subject touched upon in this book. Jul 10, Teddyhennessyyahoo. It’s just a feeling that i’m left with sometimes. In addition, he is the editor-at-large of Vmagazine and VMAN, the women’s and men’s publications, respectively, of arts collective Visionaire. As a teen, it’s a relief to have good standards to live by.

Every couple sentences I kept wanting to stop and write down a quote. It’s basically Classy with a few extra chapters.

The Online Home of Derek Blasberg

Throughout the book, it gives advice on cllassy a classy young lady both on the inside and outside. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed this book from the moment I opened it!! I didn’t regret my decision as I found this book plays an enjoyable role of a nice friend classt talk to and a mentor I look up to for guides.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Like this book, I would slander women who I thought were trashy etc. It talks about how to deal with these issues and how to overcome them as well.

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