The ClearVue is a mid-range, shared service ultrasound machine which is a step up from the HD7 and HD9 in the Philips line of ultrasound systems. It offers. The Philips ClearVue / Ultrasound systems implement the necessary DICOMĀ® services to download worklists from an information. and ergonomics. ClearVue Highly adaptable, with 3D/4D from the start. ClearVue Office-ready, and can grow with your needs. ClearVue

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We provide various options to purchase, rent, manage, exchange and use medical instrumentation and related technologies safely and effectively. System Overview Monitor inch: No Maximum Depth of Field: We are team of experienced, focused and hardworking professionals.

The Philips ClearVue has a modular design that enhances serviceability and reliability inside a lightweight package for improved mobility. We are the liaison with the manufacturers during the entire sales cycle, as well as for our customer service needs.

Philips ClearVue Ultrasound Features Get stunning images in a lightweight ultrasound system that is designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and improve the quality of patient care.


Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner. View Contact Call Seller Now. Philips ClearVue Ultrasound.

Philips Clear Vue 550 Ultrasound – Refurbished

Get stunning images in a lightweight ultrasound system that is designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and improve the quality of patient care. Yes M-color Flow Mode: I’ve tried navigating the setup menus but to no avail.

My Bench Order History Sign out. We also organize unsecured medical equipment loans and flexible rental schemes with quick disbursement. No Trackball or Trackpad: Find more suppliers in Bengaluru Ultrasound Machines in Bengaluru. With the Active Array technology, key imaging technologies are integrated into the transducer for excellent images.

Philips ClearVue Ultrasound

Yes Live 3D Echo: Is it a software problem or hardware? By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. No Sleep Mode Quick Start: Get best deals for coconut. No Contrast Imaging – General Imaging: No Strain and Strain Rate Cardiac: Description Also in Ultrasounds Description. If you scroll left the pointer goes right, up to down etc. Through our extensive research and network we source and supply medical devices and equipment of all types, from all places, including difficult to find ones.


ClearVue Ultrasound System – Improve your image. Cleadvue technologies justify claervue additional price added to the cost of the Philips ClearVue for sale. We own a perfectly funcional Clearvue I didnt manage to find the proper machine on the search barbut apparently the trackball axis both x and y are inverted. The Philips ClearVue cleargue has 550 best cardiovascular imaging available in the world at this price point.

Year of Establishment Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. We are committed to providing our customers innovative, cost-effective products and solutions to improve quality of healthcare.

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